Renting a Motorhome Long-Term

Renting a Motorhome Long-Term

Written by mighway

If you’ve been hankering for a different kind of lifestyle, you may have considered trying to live on the road. Or maybe you don’t want to commit to full time living on the road, but would like to try it out to see what it will be like. Long-term motorhome hire is possible, but it requires some research first. Keep reading to learn more about hiring a motorhome for six months.

What to Consider Before Renting Long-Term

When you live in a motorhome, whether full time or part time, you’ll have to downsize. Obviously, you won’t have as much storage space or living space. So consider carefully the belongings that you need and want to bring. You’ll also need to consider what size of motorhome you’ll need, especially if you are sharing with family members. Research the different types of motorhomes, as each motorhome offers different layouts. You’ll also need to research insurance as you will need it for whatever motorhome you rent.

The Best Types of Motorhomes to Rent

As this will be your house on wheels for half of a year, you’ll want to make sure that you are happy with the type of motorhome that you choose. So, what type is the right fit for you? Pop-ups, towable trailers, converted buses and campervans are some of the kinds available. With a towable trailer, you will be able to detach and take your car or truck to run local errands. A motorised motorhome, however, may give you the ability to tow your personal vehicle. You will probably want to rent a motorhome with a decent sized bathroom and functional kitchen. That way, you will be pretty self sufficient and won’t need to rely on always stopping at a campground.

On the other hand, if you are looking to save some money you can try dry camping so that you won’t need hookups. In that situation you’ll need to look for solar panels, upgraded battery banks and large water tanks. You’ll also want to make sure that you pick the right size to comfortably fit any friends or family that will be living with you.

How to Find a Long-Term Rental

Renting a motorhome for six months is pretty easy to do. But, as reservations can fill up quickly, (especially during the summer) it is recommended that you do your research well in advance. There may be a discount for long-term leases, or you may look into joining a rewards programme that will give you points.

Living in a motorhome can be a great experience! Look for long-term rentals on