Four Places You Should Check Out for Kite Landboarding in New Zealand

Four Places You Should Check Out for Kite Landboarding in New Zealand

Written by mighway

If you’ve ever wanted to try kiteboarding, New Zealand is where you want to be. It seems as if there is an endless amount of kite-able places for the sport. Kite landboarding is similar to kitesurfing, but the gear is different and you don’t have to worry about getting soaked! Consider New Zealand for kite landboarding packages and gorgeous locations to ride down. Here are a few places where you can enjoy the activity during your private motorhome rental in New Zealand.

Foxton Beach

This area is located at the lower North Island and is part of a laid-back coastal community. Are you new to kite landboarding? Then it’s no problem. This area has qualified landboarding instructors, and you can also sign up for beginner lessons. The best part is that all equipment is provided.

Foxton Beach is a beautiful location with plenty of beachside kilometers to fly down. Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, this beach has what you want.

Marahau Beach

Marahau is part of the Southern Island and has gorgeous golden sandy beaches. It is located near the base of Abel Tasman National Park and can be easily reached from the Nelson airport.

Wind at Marahau Beach generally averages around 15 knots. And the sea winds are fairly consistent from September all the way through April. With huge sand flat beaches, what more could a kite landboarding enthusiast ask for?

Tahuna Beach

This beach is conveniently located just 3 minutes away from the Nelson Airport. It is considered the most popular place for people to participate in kiteboarding activities. It even has designated areas for kiteboarding and swimming.

The long sandy beach allows for long riding time. It also offers plenty of wind from the strong tidal currents. Some of the best wind directions come from the North and are good during all tides.

Stop by Tahuna beach with your own equipment or visit a local shop to rent or buy. Either way, you are sure to enjoy yourself at this beach.

Colac Bay

Colac Bay is located on the Southern Coast about two hours away from Queenstown. It is mostly known for surfing, diving, and even fishing. But its sandy beaches are a nice area to go kite landboarding along because crowd levels are low.

If you plan on going to Colac Bay, be sure to bring your equipment and get ready for North Western wind directions to help pull you down the coast.

Are you ready to make multiple stops in New Zealand for your kite landboarding adventure? There are plenty more locations to explore and enjoy. Plan ahead to see what places interest you most and even consider looking into a private motorhome rental to make your experience more memorable.