Best Locations to Visit for Snorkelling in New Zealand

Best Locations to Visit for Snorkelling in New Zealand

Written by mighway

New Zealand features beautiful scenery, along with countless activities for locals and tourists to do. Snorkelling remains as one of the top interests for visitors when given the chance. Perhaps it’s the clear blue water that allows you to see all the different kinds of marine animals on site. Many of the prime locations offer easy and free access, making it very budget-friendly too. Snorkelling in New Zealand is some of the best in the world. So, hire a campervan and uncover some of our top spots.

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

A well-known location for snorkelling is just half an hour away from Whangarei. This reserve is recognised for housing the largest sea cave in all of the Southern hemisphere, the Riko Riko Cave.

Snorkel here while being welcomed by the huge schools of the Blue Mao Mao. Swimming in this massive fish tank will be an unforgettable experience. This location can be found on the north island of New Zealand. Hire a campervan and drive it as far north as you can, then catch a boat from here.

Tonga Island Marine Reserve

The best spot for snorkelling here is between Foul Point and Tonga Quarry. Visitors can take a swim to view tumbled rock and reefs. Even if you’re not snorkelling at these locations, Tonga Island, is a perfect getaway for whale watching and viewing seals in their natural habitats.

Located inside of the Abel Tasman National Park, there are several attractive coves to go visit. This reserve is suitable for all ages, making it hard for families to ignore when looking for an adventurous time that won’t hurt your pockets.

Cathedral Cove

This reserve is far from the city centre but can be reached easily by car, boat or by hiring a campervan. The best place for snorkelling is at Gemstone bay. Once you arrive you can enjoy a brisk walk for gorgeous views to the cove.

A boat will allow you more access for snorkelling, but what makes this trip worthwhile is that this island isn’t so crowded like others. Making it even more enjoyable for fun and relaxation. You can also spot the colours and sizes of fish from the surface.

Goat Island

Located 92 kilometres from Auckland, Goat Island remains as one of the top tier sites for diving and snorkelling. Known as the Coastal Aquarium, entry to this reserve is free and the shallow waters make this spot a favourite for locals and tourists.

It’s a short walk from the beach, but this reserve provides something for everybody in the family. An excellent location for beginning and advanced snorkelling. One of the first underwater reserves in New Zealand. If you’re lucky, you may encounter seals and dolphins on some days.