Motorhome Travel in New Zealand

Motorhome Travel in New Zealand

Written by mighway

There are so many great benefits to motorhome rental in New Zealand. You can travel the country in your own time, save money and time. What more could you want from you New Zealand travels? There are so many benefits, but, you also need to know some important facts about travelling and driving in New Zealand. Read our tips below.

Benefits of Renting a Motorhome

One of the biggest benefits for motorhome rental in New Zealand is the ability to travel at your own pace and set your own routes. You can hit the tourist destinations or travel off the beaten path and explore other parts of the islands.

Another benefit of motorhome rental in New Zealand is having everything you need with you. The size of the motorhome, will determine the amenities available. These amenities can include kitchen, bathroom, shower, living area and sleeping area.

The next benefit of a motorhome is saving money. The savings come because the motorhome is your transportation, eating and sleeping area. The cost of motorhome rental in New Zealand is reasonable, as well as the motorhome parks being less than a hotel or hostel. You can save additional money in your food budget. The motorhome allows you to cook your meals instead of eating out all the time.

Determining Your Motorhome Size

There are several different types of campervans and motorhomes available. Which one should you rent? Well, you first need to answer some questions:

  • How many people are travelling with you?
  • What amenities do you want?
  • Are you planning on sleeping in the motorhome or campervan?
  • How long is your travel?
  • What do I need with the motorhome or campervan?

Your answers to these few questions will help you with your motorhome rental in New Zealand.

Facts for Travelling New Zealand

Before you rent the motorhome for your vacation in New Zealand, there are important facts that you need to know:

  • You do not need a special license to operate a motorhome in New Zealand.
  • In New Zealand you need to drive on the left.
  • You must use a hands-free set to talk while driving.
  • New Zealand has an alcohol limit for driving.
  • Follow the farmer’s instructions when driving near animals.
  • New Zealand has many one-way bridges. You need to watch and follow the markers.
  • Travel around New Zealand may take longer than the estimates on a GPS because of the winding roads.

For more information about travelling around New Zealand, contact the visitor’s bureau.