Island Hopping in New Zealand

Island Hopping in New Zealand

Written by mighway

Which island is better for rambling about in the motorhome, North or South? This common New Zealand travel question proves misleading. These islands offer much to see from the window of your campervan hire. But, the country boasts beauty on more islands than these two. Before you pack the motorhome, add these best places to go in New Zealand to your itinerary.

Best Places to Go in New Zealand

Bay of Islands

Fishing, sailing and watersports keep the active vacationer happy. And, Bay of Islands has it all. What would you expect from 144 islands between Cape Brett and Purerua Peninsula? Dolphin and whale sightings tempt nature lovers. And, be sure to make plans to sail through the Hole in the Rock or scuba dive the shipwreck, Rainbow Warrior.

Kapiti Island

Bird lovers must make a stop at Kapiti Island. The rarest wildlife in the world call this strip of land home. Tours with overnight options place you in the heart of this renowned nature reserve. (Luxury tents and cabins await your restful sleep.) Schedule your tour — you can see the island no other way.

Stewart Island

New Zealand’s third largest island lays undeveloped and wild with adventure. Eighty percent of Stewart Island comprises Rakiura National Park. Camping, hiking and birdwatching offer access to magnificent views and incredible wildlife. Novice adventurers beware! The fittest hikers struggle on some of Stewart Island’s terrain. Be especially cautious traversing the popular Northwest Circuit.

South Island

The northern South Island is well-visited for its sunshine and fantastic climate. But, the western coast boasts a polar opposite view. Glacier Country allows you to walk on glaciers and through the glacier valley. Glacier hot pools relieve muscles after a day of hiking and warm you up for your next island adventure.

White Island

No New Zealand adventure ends without a trip to White Island, known for its active volcano. Vibrant blue water surrounding this island contrasts the bleak landscape and sulfur smell. You arrive by helicopter with full view of the volcanic crater. Or a boat allows you to watch whales and dolphins splash in the water before you arrive.

Best Campervan Hire Experience

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