Discovering Things to Do Both in and Around Cathedral Cove

Discovering Things to Do Both in and Around Cathedral Cove

Written by mighway

Instead of focusing on things to do in Cathedral Cove, you need to learn about the surrounding area. There’s a popular slogan for this part of New Zealand. “Good for the soul.” These are the only words you’ll be able to feel upon a visit here. Along with a slogan, the area also has a hidden treasure. Cathedral Cove is one of the most breathtaking places you will ever visit. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a campervan and visit this dream destination.

Why choose Cathedral Cove?

Popular with both locals and tourists alike for its rock formation resembling a cavern, this is where you want to be for some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you’ll ever experience. You don’t just see beauty like this. It has to be experienced. Don’t focus too much on the site. You won’t be able to remember the feeling created inside of your heart.

There’s just one downfall. With so much focus on things to do in Cathedral Cove, many people miss out on the surrounding Coromandel Peninsula. The following are two places you have to check out before ending your trip.

Coromandel Walkway

If one of your goals is to see some of the most amazing views you can, the Coromandel Walkway is a must-visit. There’s a secret you need to know, though. Making the trip in a vehicle isn’t an option. There are no roads along the route. To experience the coastline, you’ll have to make the three-hour hike from Stony Bay to Fletcher Bay.

Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes. While the hike won’t be too strenuous, there may be a cow or two you need to get away from as quickly as possible.

Wainuiototo Beach

If beaches are your thing, this is a stretch of sand you have to see. Wainuiototo is one top ten beaches in the world according to many popular websites and magazines. There will be about a thirty-minute hike through the woods from Whangapoua Park, but the amazing water and beautiful white sand are well worth the trip.

Due to the hike, you won’t find crowds of people once you arrive at the beach. Instead of laying in a crowded area on a beach towel, you’ll be able to stretch out on a comfortable blanket.

While both of these places are well worth the visit, there can be difficulty involved with finding an available hotel room for a night or two. You may be better off travelling and staying in a motorhome while you’re discovering everything there is to do in and around Cathedral Cove.