Do I Need to Purchase Extra Insurance When Renting a Motorhome?

Do I Need to Purchase Extra Insurance When Renting a Motorhome?

Written by mighway

It’s almost time to pack your bags and have an experience of a lifetime. But, before you head out on the road, you might be wondering whether or not you need motorhome insurance in New Zealand. The simple answer is yes. It’s important to explore all your options and make sure you’re safe on the road. So, read our tips on insurance and what is recommended for campervan hire in New Zealand. Start your journey today.

Are you covered?

In many cases, your campervan can be covered by your current auto policy. A few auto policies do extend (to a rental) the same coverage you have on your car, such as collision, liability or even comprehensive coverage. If you are renting a large campervan with more than four wheels, most existing auto policies will not cover the rental.

Your existing auto policy will likely only cover your campervan if one of the people named on your policy is driving. So, if you and your spouse are listed on the policy and your spouse has an accident, you are covered. If your Aunt Millie was driving, she will not be covered because she is not a driver on your policy.

Determine what is covered

Before you hit the road, it’s good to determine what is covered with your rental. Your insurance agent will have a good understanding of what you need for your big adventure, so talk to them. You may find that these existing policies provide you with full or partial protection for your rental campervan. If you only have partial coverage, many travellers have peace of mind by purchasing some additional temporary insurance. This is called a supplemental motorhome rental insurance policy, from the rental company.

Supplemental policy

Supplemental policy is great because it will cover driving-related accidents. Accidents happen too! It’s easy to damage something while backing into a campsite. But no worries – these policies have you covered. However, additional policies don’t typically cover non-auto accident damage. Examples of incidents that may not be covered are; injuring a person while driving the campervan or damage to the inside of the campervan by flood, fire or other means.

Insurance is a great way to keep you safe while on the road. It can also prevent you from major expenses. Driving a campervan can be much more complex than driving a car too, so accidents can happen. If you find yourself stuck and you are uninsured, motorhome fixes are often much more expensive than regular accidents. Your personal policy limit may not be enough to cover the repairs either. To make sure you’re safe on your holiday, we recommend the temporary supplemental policy. It is worth it and it will give you peace of mind. So, what are you waiting for? Relax and enjoy your vacation.