Explore Wellington’s Coffee Culture

Explore Wellington’s Coffee Culture

Written by mighway

In the 1950s, coffee houses followed milk bars and tea shops spreading all across Wellington, New Zealand. Today, almost 70 years later, Wellington is known as one of the cities with the best coffee in the world. Hire a campervan in Wellington and uncover the best coffee shops.

Wellington Coffee History

In the 1960s, a coffee shop owned by Mary Seddon on Roxburgh Street served a hot rum coffee even though alcohol was prohibited. She wanted to create the coffee culture that Wellington is now known for. This drink is still served at that site today.

In the early 1970s, Wellingtonians started ditching tea and milk bars completely, just so they can solely go to the coffee shops. In the height of this first wave, there were more than 60 shops.

Unfortunately, most closed within the decade when instant coffee was founded. The second wave hit in the 1990s, with Jeff Kennedy in the front lines. He was convinced there was a perfect roast, and he didn’t quit until he found it.

Most of these shops are closed now, but there are some Wellingtonians who believe a third wave is arising due to more artisan roaster’s creative blends.

Wellington Coffee Standards

In Wellington, there is at least one shop on every street so you have plenty of options to choose from, with some of the best customer service.

You can expect a nice, strong cup of joe since Wellingtonians like strong coffee. Most cups automatically come with double shots of espresso in any white or lattes you buy.

Many shops even source their beans through local farmers to ensure the best quality from trusted neighbors.

The Best Coffee in Wellington

There are companies in New Zealand that explain the different choices and terminology. There are even websites that offer a map you can follow to find the best roasters and cafés.

These companies will tell you you have to try Wellington’s “flat white” coffee, which has a textured milk brew instead of frothy milk. It’s so popular, people from other countries are trying it.

Wellingtonians love coffee so much, they even have some for children. A “fluffy” is a demi-tasse that has foamed milk and sprinkled chocolate.

It is accompanied by a delicate chocolate fish or a marshmallow.

Many agree that Wellington is a coffee center of the world, so they visit. If you like strong coffee, want to try a flat white, or are new to coffee and want to try a fluffy, go for it!

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