Six of the Most Incredible Things to do in New Zealand

Six of the Most Incredible Things to do in New Zealand

Written by mighway

If you’ve ever considered visiting New Zealand, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the attractions that are available. You’d need a lifetime to explore everything that this island has to offer. There are so many incredible things to see in New Zealand, so hire a motorhome in New Zealand and visit some of these great places;

1-Kayak in Waitomo

Underneath the beautiful town of Waitomo lies a magical cave where you can view glowworms. Take a tour or kayak and marvel at the starry-like appearance of these insects. A unique experience for everyone of all ages!

2-Enjoy a Meal in Hobbiton

Matamata is home to the Lord of the Rings movie set where most of the Shire scenes were filmed. This site is actually a working sheep farm, but you can still visit the hobbit holes and take pictures inside and out! Take a bus tour of the entire set, eat a meal at The Green Dragon Inn, enjoy live entertainment at The Party Marquee or go to The Mill Marketplace. A must see for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans!

3-Take a Trip to the Castlepoint Lighthouse

As the tallest lighthouses on the north island that is completely automated, this lighthouse is considered world famous. Most people come to enjoy seeing not only the lighthouse, but the dramatic scenery with its craggy rocks, sandy beach and rolling waves. Along the coast, you may also find seals, native birds and be able to get in some great fishing!

4-Visit One of the Most Violent Volcanoes

Behind Lake Taupo lies one of the most violent volcanoes in the world, the Taupo Volcano. Explore the picturesque landscape, and swim or sail in the lake. You won’t regret visiting such a beautiful landmark.

5-Ascend the Sky Tower in Auckland

This tower is aptly named, as it stands at 1,000 feet. Not only will you be sure to get some awesome panoramic views of the city of Auckland from the Sky Tower, but you can also get a meal, shop in the gift shop, or jump from it! This attraction is a great choice for those who want some great views and snapshots of the surrounding area.

6-Climb the Franz Josef Glacier

Get a taste of the different climates within New Zealand and visit one of its glaciers! You can be adventurous and climb the glacier with a guided tour. Just be sure to bring your ice axes and crampons. Or, if you’d prefer to see the glacier on a grander scheme, take a helicopter ride for a spectacular view!

These are just some of the incredible sites that you can see in New Zealand. For more campervan trip ideas visit