Where To Catch the Best Crayfish

Where To Catch the Best Crayfish

Written by mighway

When it comes to New Zealand cuisine, it’s no exaggeration to say that seafood is a delicacy. Shrimp, fish and scallops are all popular foods. But, in certain parts of the country it doesn’t get more popular or better than crayfish. If you really want to experience the best crayfish in New Zealand, head to go to Kaikoura in your motorhome rental in New Zealand.


Kaikoura is a small area on the eastern shore of the South Island. The name Kaikoura literally means “to eat crayfish” in Maori. This region has a unique and special relationship with the crayfish, and because of that there’s no better place to go. Once there, here’s where you should head:

Nin’s Bin

Nin’s Bin is a small caravan-based roadside eatery that has you can find on the side of the highway north of Kaikoura. This small place has earned a reputation for serving up fresh crayfish (and other seafood options) that are worth the drive. Drive up, pick your crayfish from the cooler and enjoy your food in one of the most picturesque locales in all of New Zealand.

Cods n Cray

Another great local place, Cods n Cray serves crayfish and a variety of other fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Cods n Cray boasts that all of the food they offer comes fresh from local waters, and that taste certainly comes through in the food. Stop in and enjoy a bite.

The Green Dolphin

If you want to enjoy your crayfish in a slightly more upscale establishment, The Green Dolphin is a safe bet. This full-service restaurant presents a variety of options, from appetisers and drinks to pasta, meat and, of course, local seafood. Their dining room provides a panoramic view of the ocean to the East and the Kaikoura ranges to the West.

This small list barely scratches the surface, but it should be enough to get your mouth watering for crayfish in New Zealand. The next crayfish season, make sure to rent a campervan from Mighway.com and head to Kaikoura for the best these waters have to offer.