New Zealand for Students

New Zealand for Students

Written by Nicole

If you’re dreaming of studying abroad, doing an exchange programme, or taking a student trip, New Zealand is the place to do it. The best part is, you can travel the country before you begin your studies or after. Hire a campervan in New Zealand during your break and uncover the natural wonders and hidden gems. Read our guide to help you prepare for your studies abroad.

Study in New Zealand

If you are looking to stand out with both your studies and in your career, then studying abroad is the perfect way to make your university degree stand out. Not only will you come out with new qualifications, you will develop an understanding of new cultures, people skills, and life skills. A student trip to New Zealand is a great place to get a qualification, as its education system is recognised worldwide.

How to prepare:

1. Complete the necessary requirements for the university

To best prepare for your studies, talk to the university about what is required prior to your arrival. Complete all documents, apply for a student ID, and make housing and travel arrangements. You may need to show what level your English is at, but don’t forget a student trip to New Zealand will only help you to improve.

2. Book your flights, student visa & travel insurance

Once you decide that a student trip to New Zealand is for you, then it’s time to book your flights, student visa and travel insurance. If everything is done and you have confirmation, make sure that you have both printed and digital copies of important documents.

3. Student accommodation

New Zealand offers great student accommodation options. By planning ahead and sorting out your accommodation prior to your move, you will arrive in New Zealand stress free.

Universities in New Zealand offer Halls of Residence. These are managed by the university, and allow for students to reside on campus. It is a great way to meet new people, and experience the New Zealand student life firsthand.

Another great option when studying abroad is to live with a Kiwi family. Experience the Kiwi culture by living with a host family and paying a small fee weekly. You can live with your host family for the duration of your studies, or for a short period of time. This can be planned prior to your arrival or on arrival.

Now that you have everything in order, it’s time to back your bags! Explore New Zealand with campervan hire prior to your studies beginning, during or even after. The journey is yours.