The Magic of Mackenzie Country

The Magic of Mackenzie Country

Written by mighway

The Mackenzie Country is one of the most magical places in the world. New Zealand has been labelled the third most beautiful country, and the Mackenzie Country is one of the reasons why. Explore this beautiful area with a caravan rental in New Zealand, and read our tips on where to travel and the best of the Mackenzie Country.

What Makes Mackenzie Country Magical

One of the most outstanding places in the Mackenzie Country is Lake Tekapo. The colour of the water is like something you have never seen before. Lake Tekapo is fed through large rivers that are created by glaciers, and this water grinds up on rocks creating a glacial flour that stays suspended. This flour gives the lake a turquoise colour except when the sun shines directly on it when it turns into a bright blue colour.

The Mackenzie Country gets its name from a Scotsman shepherd from the 1850s. He stole sheep and herded them through impassable countrysides. You can find a statue of his sheepdog, Friday, on the lakefront.

Beside this statue is a church built in 1935. The church of the Good Shepherd is a landmark in New Zealand, and is said to have a peaceful and spiritual presence that inspires a reverent silence. Many weddings are held here to this day. You can capture some of the most spectacular photographs here.

Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Good Shepherd

Plants and animals in the country evolved to withstand extreme climates. One example is the Mountain Stone Weta, which completely freezes during the colder months and thaws out in the warmer months and still be alive throughout the entire year.

The Mackenzie Country is home to some of the highest mountains. Here you can see spectacular views, and you can take several trails up to their peaks. At night the country gets so dark that you can see all of the stars clearly.

Visit the Mackenzie Country

If you want to immerse yourself in nature then the Mackenzie Country is your destination. Renting a campervan is ideal in the area, as there aren’t many places to stay. You can also save money on accommodation and food

Visit Mighway to get your rental and start your journey. Take a break from your busy life and step into a magical world inside Mackenzie Country.