Renting a Motorhome to Follow the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Renting a Motorhome to Follow the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Written by mighway

Cycling can be a sport that tests the endurance of even the most seasoned athlete. With a variety of terrains ranging from pavement to dirt, elevations, inclines, declines and even the temperature, the climate for a cyclist can be grueling. Mighway provides motorhomes for affordable rates so that you have a place to rest and recover easily. After partaking in such a physically taxing event, hire a campervan for the Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge to make the entire experience a little more relaxing.

Setting Up

Hiring a campervan and parking up at Lake Taupo is a beautiful option. See the natural wonders it has to offer up close. You don’t have to worry about driving all the way back to a hotel or hostel at the end of the day. Instead, you can spend the night at one of the most scenic spots in the world. Before or after the Challenge, you can explore the lake, formed by a volcanic eruption. The remnants of the volcanic activity are still present at the site in the form of geysers, steaming craters, or boiling mud pools. Just north of the Lake itself is Huka Falls, one of the most visited sites in all of New Zealand.

The Challenge

The Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge is New Zealand’s premiere annual cycling event. This year starting November 29th, the Challenge will welcome approximately 6,000 competitors to the race. The aim of the race is to showcase the natural beauty of Lake Taupo in a way that riders and spectators can interact.

The Challenge has been going strong for 42 years. And, with its principle of inclusivity, the Challenge is open to all, Kiwis and Internationals alike. The Challenge is both a celebration of New Zealand for those who hold the country dear to them. They country also welcomes those from overseas. The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is also open to athletes of all expertise levels, ranging from amateur to elite athlete. Renting a campervan for the Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge is a great way to live in the environment and create a sense of adventure for you and your companions.

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