How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Campervan In New Zealand?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Campervan In New Zealand?

Written by mighway

A New Zealand road trip is the experience of a lifetime. If you have some time off you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity. Hire a campervan in New Zealand and uncover beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear water and white sandy beaches. But, don’t forget that New Zealand law doesn’t allow anyone to rent hire cars or campervans under the age of twenty-one. There can often be additional insurance costs, and service fees if the driver is under twenty-five. But, don’t let this stop you! See our tips for your next campervan roadie below.

When You Go Affects What You Pay

Making your trek in the New Zealand summer (winter to those in the Northern Hemisphere) commands double the usual rental rate. Travelling by campervan is extremely popular, and unless you book early, you may find it difficult to secure an affordable rental rate. To keep your rental budget friendly, it’s best to plan your trip between October and November. The weather is spring like during this time of year, and the rates are generally far more reasonable.

Insuring Your Rental

Always check to see if age impacts your campervan insurance when renting. This can definitely put a strain on your trip budget if you don’t research your campervan insurance in advance.

Compare Campervan Rentals Before Booking

Some campervan rental services include loads of free amenities like fresh linens and bedding, heavy bedding for winter trips, cutler, dishes, camp cooking equipment, and much more. If you shop around a bit, you may save a significant amount on your trip by renting a campervan that includes what you will need on the road.

If you are planning your dream campervan vacation around New Zealand, remember that age may impact your travels. Hire a campervan in New Zealand with Mighway, and if you’re 21 years and above you’re good to go! Uncover the best of New Zealand with us.