New Zealand Campervan Hire for Australians

New Zealand Campervan Hire for Australians

Written by Kimberly

Travelling is as much a part of Australian culture as sausage sizzles and trying to avoid magpies during swooping season. Although you could spend your money on a trip overseas, why not take a quick trip to New Zealand? Hire a campervan in New Zealand and experience the best of the Kiwi culture without having to rent a hotel for the night. Read our tips to help get you started with hiring a campervan.

Picking Your Campervan

When you hire a campervan, there are many different models available. However, just because one is the biggest and comes with the most features doesn’t mean that it’s the best. Here are a few considerations you’ll want to make when choosing the right motorhome for your travels.

  • Passengers – how many of you are there? If it’s more than two, a larger van will be necessary so that you don’t have to sleep like sardines.
  • Travel Plans – although it can be appealing to drive wherever the road takes you, not all streets and highways are well-suited for massive campervans. Consider the routes you’ll take and the stop you’ll make when you hire a campervan.
  • Road Safety – driving a modestly-sized campervan shouldn’t be too hard. However, a Class-A rig can be challenging if you’re not careful.

Packing Your Campervan

Once you have the right motorhome, what do you need to bring along? Chances are that you won’t be able to pack all of the essentials (like food and drinks) before you leave Australia, but here are a few pointers.

  • Hiking Gear – the New Zealand countryside is full of wonder, but some areas aren’t for the faint of heart. While thongs may be suitable back home, you’ll need rugged hiking shoes for these trails.
  • Chairs – once you find a spot to relax, you’ll want to spend most of your time outside of the van. If you don’t have any seats, you’re all out of luck.
  • Camping Stove – not all campervans have a stove built-in. Not only that, but cooking outdoors is usually preferable, as it can get hot and stuffy once the grill gets going.
  • Maps – don’t assume that your smartphone will get signal the whole way. Part of the appeal of travelling in a campervan is to get away from modern society, so plan accordingly.

Rent From Mighway

When it comes to campervan hire in New Zealand, Mighway is one of the premier rental places. We have a wide assortment of motorhomes, and we can help you find the right gear for your journey. Check us out online and book your campervan today.