The Gift of Adventure

The Gift of Adventure

Written by mighway

When you make your holiday plans for the year, be sure to include hiring a motorhome in New Zealand and touring the country. New Zealand has become one the of the most popular places to visit in the world. Kelly Brighid, the Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive, said a “…record 1.8 million holiday makers chose New Zealand in 2016 while total arrivals are now at 3.5 million.” Travel in a caravan throughout the North and the South Island. Here are four reasons why New Zealand offers you the best “gift of adventure.”

North Island

Huka Falls

These breath-taking falls have amazing power with 220,000 liters of water per second barreling over an eleven-meter high waterfall. This has become such a tourist attraction, that a bridge has been built right above the water where the waterfall descends. That way, you can take in the full power of this site. If you want to stretch your legs, there is a hike along the water’s edge before Huka falls.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Hire a motorhome in New Zealand and head to this glowworm cave. It is just one of many throughout New Zealand too. The Waitomo caves were so striking that they caught the attention of National Geographics. A tourist provided National Geographics with a 360 degree video. Click here to view the video and get a sneak peak of the most popular glowworm cave in New Zealand.

Southern Island

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake is within the Nelsons Lake National Park. It is a main tourist attraction, offering some of the clearest water in the world. Scientists believe that the clear water is due to the passage from Lake Constance. This underground passage filters out most of the particles suspended in the water. Click here for more information about Blue lake and its history.

Tunnel Beach

Motorhome hire in New Zealand will allow you to travel to these sea-carved cliffs and caves. This beach is worth seeing because it is like no other. It also gets its name from the man made tunnel John Carhill, had “commissioned for his family in the 1870s. Local legend says that one or more of Cargill’s daughters drowned while swimming at the beach, but there is no truth to this story.”

What are you waiting for? Visit today to rent your motorhome so you do not miss out on the amazing sights New Zealand has to offer.