Free Summer Fun in New Zealand

Free Summer Fun in New Zealand

Written by mighway

The summer months in New Zealand are truly special. Spanning from December to March, there is a wide array of adventures to participate in. Even for those on a budget, there are plenty of no charge activities to be found. Rent a motorhome and enjoy lazy and unwinding events, thrilling afternoons, and summertime fun! Read about some of our fun free activities in New Zealand.


One relaxing and free activity to savour in New Zealand is cycling. With beautiful scenery, New Zealand offers a plethora of trails for both natives and tourists alike to partake in. No cycling experience? No worries! With a high number of trails comes a high diversity of challenge. Trails are graded and ranked from easy to advanced, so everyone can find the path that best suits them. The different routes offer a variety of landscapes that feature historical buildings, top-notch wineries and more. The summer months also provide the best weather for your cycling event.

Rere Rockslides

This waterslide sets itself apart from all other waterpark slides in the world. Why? Because it is completely natural. The 200-foot long slide possesses water that runs on top of moss-covered rocks. Bring a tube or raft of any sort and vault yourself downstream into a large pool at the end. Sure the walk back uphill can be tiring, but well worth the summertime fun. It is located near the city of Gisborne, which offers some of the best wineries and surfing locations in New Zealand.

Kersone Creek Hot Spring

If slides are not your thing, check out Kersone Creek. Located near Rotorua, this hot spring and freshwater stream combo offer one of the coolest experiences in New Zealand. The natural spring heats the water and turns it into what is essentially a giant hot tub. The surrounding area is beautiful and provides a calming affair for the whole family. Picnic tables are also available, so bring a lunch and enjoy a lovely afternoon in this beautiful environment!


Looking up at the stars on a camping trip is one of the most aesthetic activities in the world. Luckily, New Zealand has great spots to observe the night sky. The best location is the greater Canterbury and Christchurch areas. The region grants you high-class wine and dining locales, excellent fishing spots and other incredible sights. While not free, those looking for the best experience here should rent a motorhome to travel across the entire region and take in all it has to offer.

Volcano Hiking

While hiking an active volcano may not be the first thing that comes to mind while travelling, New Zealand has it! The Tongariro National Park, located in the central North Island, contains volcanic mountains. Traverse them via the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and take in beautiful lakes, craters, and other views on your journey. Come prepared for any temperature, as weather conditions are known to constantly change in the mountains.