When to Road Trip in New Zealand

When to Road Trip in New Zealand

Written by Kimberly

New Zealand is home to some of the greatest natural attractions, beaches, wine country and hikes. But the weather in New Zealand can vary, so it is best to plan your New Zealand road trip ahead of time. If you’re hiring a motorhome in New Zealand then read our tips on when to road trip in New Zealand.

New Zealand beaches

The beaches in New Zealand are at their best during the summer. In January through March, New Zealand beaches are very hot. Get in a good swim, and some fun beach time. However, in the winter, the weather can be very sporadic. You may get stuck in the middle of a small rainstorm while on the beach. Whether you visit these beaches in the summer or the winter, they are still very beautiful and are a large part of the New Zealand experience.

New Zealand wine country

Central New Zealand is considered New Zealand wine country. The summers there are very hot, but it gets very cold there in the winter, and the vineyards can frost over. Visit this part of New Zealand in the summer, and walk around the vineyards at your leisure. Wine tastings are offered regardless of the season, but the tastings will most likely take place outside if you visit in the summer.

Hiking in New Zealand

Late spring through the fall is the best time to go hiking in New Zealand. The weather will be warm, and you will be able to experience the natural beauty that New Zealand has to offer. Hiking in the winter just isn’t very enjoyable, because the weather can be very cold, and hiking conditions aren’t ideal.

No matter when you go hiking in New Zealand, you should always wear good hiking boots, and bring a raincoat. In New Zealand, you never know when you might get caught in a little rainstorm. It’s better to be prepared!

Have a great trip!

If you are going on a road trip in New Zealand, you will definitely want to incorporate these experiences into your plans. No matter what time of year you visit New Zealand, there is always something to do and see!