Having a Safe and Enjoyable New Zealand Trip

Having a Safe and Enjoyable New Zealand Trip

Written by mighway

Campervan hire in New Zealand allows you to explore the country, and in your own time. As with any trip, your safety is important. So, here are some of our campervan travel tips for a safe and enjoyable trip!

Driving on the Left

Driving on the left can prove challenging if you are not accustom to it. Both mental and physical dexterity is required — especially since many of our roads are two lanes and winding. If you become tired, pull over and rest or switch drivers. Even better, stop at one of our many rest stops along the roads and take a quick walk. Rain and wet roads can further exacerbate driving conditions. Staying alert will go a long way in keeping you and other drivers on the road safe.

Yield to Sheep

As already mentioned, many of the scenic roads in our countryside are two lanes and can be difficult even for Kiwis. Roads are often “unsealed,” meaning unpaved, and you may find your traffic jam is a road full of sheep. Use common sense and drive slowly when necessary. Honking at sheep or other drivers will only make matters worse for all parties involved.

Driving Etiquette

If you are driving slowly and admiring the scenery, pull to the side to let others pass if you can. Passing cars on two lane roads can be nerve wracking, so be mindful of other drivers wishing to pass. As in many countries, solid double yellow lines in the middle of the road mean it’s illegal to pass. A dotted white line means passing is allowed.

Personal Safety

Always make sure someone, such as a family member or friend, knows your itinerary and your plans for the day. Though it’s fun to be off the beaten track, this safety measure keeps everyone worry-free. Don’t keep valuables in plain sight in your campervan, and remember to lock the van when you are sleeping or not in the vehicle. These are campervan travel tips you should pay attention to.

Using common sense, staying alert and being a courteous campervan driver can make for a safe and enjoyable trip. Buckle your seat belt, and don’t talk on your mobile phone while driving. New Zealand laws are strict, and you will be fined.

Are you planning your dream trip and interested in renting a campervan? Read our campervan travel tips to help get you started. Come explore the unparalleled beauty and enchantment of New Zealand!