Which Motorhome Should I Rent?

Which Motorhome Should I Rent?

Written by Kimberly

If you are looking to rent a motorhome for the first time, you may feel a little overwhelmed. And, it’s no surprise with so many different choices! You may be nervous to drive a larger vehicle, or about the cost of fuel, or being able to fit a large family comfortably. If this sounds like you, keep reading for tips on different types of motorhomes and which one may best fit your needs for motorhome rental in New Zealand.

Class A

The largest of the classes, the Class A motorhome has a lot to offer. This is a great option for those with larger families. These motorhome rentals are the most spacious, some even offer slide-outs to provide more space. The Class A is often the most luxurious and it can almost feel like a house on wheels. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive motorhome rental in New Zealand due to its size and features, as well as when it comes time to refuel. It also may prove difficult to drive for those new to renting motorhomes, as it is isn’t easy to make sharp turns or to park. But, if you wish to have a large, spacious place for your family to get away in then this is the motorhome rental for you!

Class B

The Class B motorhome looks and feels similar to a van. This is beneficial for those new to the motorhome experience. It is easier to drive as it drives similarly to a van. Due to its smaller size, the living space is more cramped. There also isn’t as much storage space for your suitcases and any outdoor equipment. However, it is cheaper to rent and to refuel. This size motorhome rental in New Zealand is a great alternative for a couple, a few friends or an individual looking to get away and enjoy a short road trip.

Class C

If you can’t choose between the Class A or the Class B motorhome, then the Class C may be your solution! Built on a truck or a van chassis, it is somewhat smaller than the Class A but often larger than the Class B. It typically offers more storage and more amenities than a Class B motorhome, but is not as spacious as the Class A. It can be somewhat tricky to navigate on the road, but it offers more power than the smaller motorhomes.

If you are planning a road trip and are looking for motorhome rentals in New Zealand, go to Mighway.com. There are so many to choose from, so get ready to start your journey.