What New Zealand is Known For

What New Zealand is Known For

Written by Kimberly

You may have heard of New Zealand, because of the famous film Lord of the Rings. But, New Zealand is also well known for its extreme sports, cuisine, and amazing culture. Hire a campervan, and learn about what New Zealand is known for and what to see in New Zealand.

8 Things New Zealand is Known For


The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Their culture and language are so largely infused with New Zealand, that it is taught alongside English and other modern studies in schools.


New Zealand’s All Blacks are famous for performing the Haka, or a traditional war dance, at the start of every match. An All Blacks game is high on the list of what to see in New Zealand and what the country is known for.


There are over 10 wine regions, and even more sub-regions all across both the North and the South island. Wineries aren’t only for those who love a glass or two, but the vineyards are incredible. Visiting a local winery should be on your list of what to see in New Zealand.


New Zealand is not only famous for having an anti-nuclear policy, but it was also the first country to allow women to vote.

Manuka Honey

The Manuka tree is native to New Zealand only. The bees who forage on its flowers create honey that has bioactive healing properties. It can boost people’s immune systems, treat skin infections, heal wounds, treat digestive problems and relieve sore throats.


New Zealand is home to many famous people you may know. These include:

  • Sir Edmund Hilary, the first person who completely climbed Mount Everest
  • Peter Jackson, maker of the Lord of the Rings movies and King Kong movies
  • Russel Crowe, a famous Hollywood actor
  • Ernest Rutherford, who invented modern atomic physics

Adventure Travel

When you hire a campervan, you have access to almost everything. And, you won’t struggle with what to see in New Zealand because it’s all within an arms reach. Numerous travellers from all over the world come to New Zealand for the extreme sports. So, when you visit New Zealand, try some of the below:

  • Bungy jumping.
  • River torrents.
  • Black-water Rafting.
  • Skydiving.
  • Activities on the Sky Tower.
  • Skiing.
  • Negotiating streams, waterfalls, and cliffs.
  • Beautiful Landscapes

Throughout New Zealand, there are tours and ferries you can go on to experience the beautiful landscapes and beaches that make up the islands.

You can also see old structures that were once schools, religious grounds, or astronomy towers.

Road Trips

The best way to experience New Zealand, is by hiring a campervan. Take control of where you want to go, what you want to see, and you can even save money doing it.

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Start planning your next trip to New Zealand and experience everything it has to offer.