Where to Find Kiwi’s While on the Road

Where to Find Kiwi’s While on the Road

Written by Kimberly

The national icon of New Zealand, is the scruffy and adorable kiwi bird. It is so essential to the pride and identity of the nation that New Zealanders are often nicknamed ‘Kiwi’s’ worldwide. While kiwi people are very nice to meet as well, this article will be about tracking down and spotting kiwi birds while you’re touring in your motorhome rental in New Zealand. Here are some of the best spots to find these beautiful animals.

Stewart Island

A good place to come across some kiwi birds during your motorhome rental in New Zealand, is on Stewart Island. Though Stewart Island is the third most populated island in New Zealand, kiwi birds actually outnumber the human inhabitants. This means you’re very likely to find one or two for your photo album. What’s more, the particular breed of kiwi’s on Stewart Island, the southern brown kiwi’s. These are known to patrol the forest for food in the middle of the day, as opposed to their more nocturnal relatives.

Stewart Island, New Zealand
Stewart Island, New Zealand

West Coast Wildlife Centre

Another good spot to find these birds is at the West Coast Wildlife Centre in Franz Josef Glacier. Kiwi birds are often hatched and intubated at this facility, giving them a head start in their survival in the wild. Tours are frequently given here, and you can get a first hand look at kiwi birds up close, and maybe even watch one hatch. While you’re there, you can check out some other animals as well, such as the tuatara lizard.

Kiwi North

This incredible kiwi house gives you as close of a look as possible at these birds in their natural habitats without disturbing them in the slightest. This place uses high-tech lighting which kiwi birds equate with darkness, while you can see them as clear as day. If you really want to witness the authentic behavior of kiwi birds without the variable of human interference, Kiwi North is as good as it gets.

Whangarei Bird Recovery Centre

Very close to Kiwi North, is the Whangarei Bird Recovery Centre. The recovery centre frequently has injured kiwi birds there for rehabilitation. Over the years, this facility has taken in thousands of hurt or sick birds and given them a place to stay and get better before releasing them back into the wild. Though most birds only stay there for a short period of time, you’re certain to meet at least one kiwi bird: Sparky. Sparky only has one leg, meaning that he is a permanent resident at the Whangarei Bird Recovery Centre; however, he still lives a good life and brings joy to visitors from all over the world. Visit the Whangarei Bird Recovery Centre when your rent a motorhome in New Zealand.

Despite being New Zealand’s national animal, kiwi’s are surprisingly difficult to find. Discover the native bird when you rent a motorhome in New Zealand. Check out any one of the above listed locations and you can see these long beaked cotton balls face-to-face.