NZ Must-see, The Abel Tasman

NZ Must-see, The Abel Tasman

Written by Kimberly

The Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand is one of the greatest destinations in the country. From its sandy beaches to its dense forests, the Abel Tasman is as diverse as it is gorgeous. If you had all your life to explore what this national park has to offer, this article wouldn’t be needed; however, if you’re only going to be there for a finite period of time when you hire your motorhome in New Zealand, there are certain sights and activities there that you should not miss. Here are some examples of The Abel Tasman’s key experiences.


To start this list off right, we have skydiving. Skydiving is arguably one of the most intense and thrilling activities human beings have ever invented. After all, what is more exhilarating than free falling for thousands of feet in the air? Luckily, at The Abel Tasman, you can do it today. The only thing better than the plummet down from the sky is the view of the parks majestic shores as your parachute gently lowers and sways.

Scuba Diving

After you’re done diving out of a plane, why not dive to the bottom of the sea? The Tonga Island Marine Reserve has some of the best scuba diving in the world. As a protected area, this reserve is loaded with all kinds of fish, as well as eels, crays, and even seals. Come here for a first hand look, and be amazed by what swims beneath the surface of the waters.


Love the water but want to stay dry? Kayaking may be for you. Kayaking lets you get up close and personal with the beautiful Abel Tasman coastline, and relax while you do. You have a number of options for kayaking here, including self-guided multi-day tours, guided day tours, and even tours which combine kayaking with hiking, giving you a more complete view of the area.

Mountain Biking

Lastly there’s mountain biking. The Abel Tasman has a number of trails made just for mountain bikes. With trails including the Moa Park Track, the Rameka Track and the Gibbs Hill Track, you’ll have enough to occupy your mountain biking yearnings for days.

The Abel Tasman National Park has an entire vacations worth of activities all in one spot. Whether your inclinations are for the land, air, or sea, this park will satisfy your cravings for adventure and give you the experience of a lifetime.