Mount Taranaki Tips

Mount Taranaki Tips

Written by mighway

When you visit New Zealand and rent a campervan, be sure to visit Mount Taranaki. You can hire a campervan in Taranaki or in the North Island. This mountain is a dormant volcano rising above the clouds. One experienced hiker said the mountain’s summit is 8,261 feet and it takes about four miles one way to reach the top. For information on their full experience hiking Mount Taranaki, visit their website.

Allow For Plenty Of Time

You may want to plan a whole day for this excursion from driving to the national park, finding a parking spot, especially in a rental campervan and then starting on the long trail to the summit. This hike should take you about eight hours. Fortunately, the decent is quicker as it should only take you two to three hours.

Choose Timing Carefully

Although a 6km hike up a mountain does not seem that difficult, do not be deceived. Plan ahead when renting a campervan as this mountain should only be hiked at certain times of year when the weather provides the safest conditions. A website devoted to information about Mount Taranaki, advises “the best time to climb Mt Taranaki is from February to mid-April when the slopes are bare of snow (though ice remains year round in the crater).” To make sure you remain safe, it is advised for you not to climb during the winter months.

Watch The Weather

Even if you choose to go in February or April, you still need to watch for weather warnings. The weather can be very unpredictable and you should bring enough gear to be prepared for different kinds of weather. There is a chance you will become wet when hiking from the rain and mist around the peak, so make sure you bring the necessary gear.

Know What You Are Getting Into

This hike is not for the weak because regardless of which route you take, you will be sure to work up a sweat. The height gain is a steep 1,600 meters, which equates to 5,249 feet.

Show Respect

Last of all, when you reach the mountain’s summit, be sure to respect the area by not littering. “Mt taranaki has great spiritual significance to local Maori. The crater and summit is the sacred head of Taranaki, the rocks and ridge are his bones, rivers his blood and plants and trees are his cloak and offer protection from the weather.”

If you are renting a campervan and plan on hiking Mount Taranaki, remember to be read up on hiking etiquette. These are only a few simple tips to get you started on your journey.