Pet-Friendly Motorhome Travel

Pet-Friendly Motorhome Travel

Written by mighway

Pets are part of the family, and the thought of going on holiday without your furry friend can cause distress. With a motorhome for hire, you may wonder if you can bring Fido or Mittens. Pet policies vary with motorhome rentals, but here are some general guidelines.

Do Your Research

With peer-to-peer rentals, the owner of the campervan or motorhome sets pet policies. Some may require pet deposits. Returning the vehicle in good condition is necessary, or you may have to pay for any damages. We love our pets, but some are naughtier than others. Make sure travelling with your animal companion is a good idea and won’t cause undesired consequences.

No one is happy in a crowded campervan. Choose a motorhome hire that has enough room for you and your pet, especially if your dog is on the larger size. In addition to your canine’s travelling supplies, such as food and water dishes, lead, bed and pooper scoop, a carrier may be necessary.

Travelling with a cat is a bit trickier than a dog, and your whiskered friend will need a cat carrier and litter box as well as toys and dining supplies.

Be sure to rent a motorhome spacious enough for all — both two-legged and four-legged — in your party and their belongings.

National Parks and Campsite Restrictions

National parks and public conservation lands have strict regulations regarding dog access. New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) has helpful information to plan your trip.

Pet-friendly campsite choices are somewhat limited within the national parks, but there are over 70 options. And if you enjoy hiking with your dog, there are many trails to choose from. Check here for information about campsites and walking tracks on public conservation land.

Dogs or other pets found in unauthorised areas can be seized, and you can face prosecution. Strictly follow the Department of Conservation’s rules and avoid any problems.

New Zealand also has many pet-friendly caravan parks while travelling. Caravan parks offer a variety of accommodations from basic to spa-like amenities. These are not regulated by the Department of Conservation.

When packing for your holiday, be sure to bring your pet’s license, vaccination records and a few pictures. Keeping your pet safe and secure is a priority, but a missing pet is possible. Having available pictures for pet identification is helpful.

Planning a motorhome hire with pets is possible and will make your trip more enjoyable. If you’re considering travelling with your four-legged friend, contact Mighway, and we can help plan your New Zealand adventure!