NZ Inter Island Travel

NZ Inter Island Travel

Written by mighway

Did you know: New Zealand is estimated to be made up of 600 islands that once used to be one large continent called Zealandia. Although 93 percent of Zealandia is now submerged, there are some parts you can see today in the form of these 600 islands. Now, you can experience all that New Zealand has to offer by renting a campervan and travelling from the North to the South on the Interislander ferry or by plane.

Travel Interisland

If you want to travel between the North and South Island in New Zealand, you can travel by either plane or by boat. However, if you’re travelling by campervan rental we suggest you take the Interisland Ferry.

Travel by Plane

There are plenty of airports that you can fly into and out of. If you choose to fly, travellers will often go from Wellington to either Nelson or Blenheim, travelling from the North Island to the South. This is a quicker way to travel between islands, lasting around a half hour. But, if you have your campervan rental, you will need to drop it off beforehand.

Travel by Boat

If you prefer go by sea, there is an interisland ferry from Wellington to Picton. This is also the cheaper option since ferry rates are significantly less expensive than airplane tickets.

There are two ferries you can ride on: the Interislander and the BlueBridge. You can expect nearly three hours’ travel time if you travel by ferry.

For first-time New Zealand travellers, traveling by ferry is a highly-recommended experience.

Why take the Ferry?

This is a great way to travel, as you can see more of New Zealand’s beautiful landscape, including the hills dotted with houses, the smaller islands, and even the Pencarrow Head Lighthouse.

You are more likely to see wildlife, including seals, various birds, dolphins, and other aquatic creatures.

Plenty of locals often travel by ferry too. Meet local Kiwi’s, and gain insight into their culture.

Campervan Rental

There are five reasons why renting a campervan is the best way to travel in New Zealand:

  • Freedom to visit wherever you want.
  • Don’t have to keep packing and unpacking.
  • Save money on lodging and food expenses.
  • Experience the Kiwi culture.
  • You can’t take a rental car if you fly, and most rental car companies won’t permit their vehicles to be on the ferries.

The Interisland Ferry will work with you to accommodate travellers with campervans. This way, you can have a comfortable and familiar “home” as you travel through both islands.

The best place to rent a campervan is from They offer insurance plans, free roadside assistance, and rentals from local owners that won’t charge you a security deposit.

To check and see what motorhomes are available for the islands, check out Mighway’s website today.