Travelling NZ with a Dog

Travelling NZ with a Dog

Written by mighway

Nobody wants to leave their dog behind when they’re going on a trip. Especially when you’re travelling around New Zealand, one of the most pet friendly places in the world. However, campervan hire in NZ with dogs or animals may not be as simple as you think. There are a number of details to remember before travelling with your pet. Read below to find out more.

Give Them Their Own Space

It’s important to make your dog feel comfortable, so give them their own area in the campervan with a bed. Bring some of their favourite toys too, and their own food bowl. Small gestures like these can make a big difference.

Take Them on a Test Run

If it’s possible, try to take them on a shorter motorhome trip for maybe a weekend or so, just to get them used to the feeling. If they can handle it, it’s a good sign. If you can’t find the time to hire a campervan in NZ, then maybe try taking them for a long drive. It might not be the same as an extended motorhome vacation, but if they can’t handle that, they will definitely have a hard time in New Zealand.

Make Sure Your Dog is up for it

All dogs are different. Many are adventurous and outgoing, but some are very shy and prone to anxiety. You know your dog’s personality better than we do, so it’s your call.

Check Your Campervan Rental Policy

This may be the most important step. If you have everything arranged and then find out your dog can’t come, you’re in trouble. You’ll need to find a dog sitter or call a kennel, and it can mess up your schedule completely. Make sure that the motorhome company you’re renting from, and all of the campgrounds you plan on staying at allow dogs before making plans.

Treat Them Like You do at Home

Finally, treat your dog the same way you treat them at home. This may sound obvious, but often times when people are travelling with pets, they get so caught up with everything that’s going on that they can forget about their dogs basic needs: to eat, to go to the bathroom, to exercise, etc. The way you provide your dog with all their necessities may differ when you’re on the road. Their needs don’t change, especially not their need for affection, companionship and love.

Travelling with a dog can certainly be a challenge, but it’s almost always much more enriching. Work it out so that when you hire a campervan in NZ, you can take your beloved dog with you. You’ll be glad you did.