What Kind of Fuel Does a Motorhome Use?

What Kind of Fuel Does a Motorhome Use?

Written by Kimberly

Motorhome fuel type and fuel economy are important considerations when renting a motorhome to travel in New Zealand. If you’re planning a trip and estimating your budget, here are some options to ponder.

Fuel Types

Diesel-operated vehicles are common in New Zealand. With a motorhome for hire, you’ll find that the majority of them take diesel fuel as opposed to petrol, especially the larger, more amenity-filled vehicles. There’s a greater chance of renting a petrol-fuelled motorhome with a smaller vehicle, such as a campervan.

In New Zealand, diesel is much less expensive than petrol. Yet, this isn’t as straightforward as it seems. For diesel vehicles, New Zealand charges a Road User Charge (RUC) that amounts to $9 NZD per 100 kilometres ($0.09 NZD per kilometre). You’ll have to pay the RUC with your motorhome for hire. If you have a rough idea of how much distance you’ll be travelling, factor this into your budget. The cost can add up quickly.

Fuel Economy

As a general rule, the class of the motorhome determines fuel economy. If you’re unfamiliar with these designations, there are three classes of motorhomes — A, B and C — which correspond to their sizes.

Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious. Easily accommodating eight people, they are fully equipped with kitchens, showers and toilets. They are large, heavy and have poor fuel efficiency, but you’ll need to balance that with the size of your party and your desire for plush amenities.

Campervans, the Class B vehicles, are less spacious and roomy. But they are easier to drive and have the best fuel economy of all the classes. Depending on your itinerary and travelling preferences, campervans can be a budget-friendly choice. Most sleep two people and have a toilet and a small kitchen. You’ll also have options for diesel or petrol-operated vehicles.

Somewhere in between, you’ll find the Class C motorhomes. With nicer amenities than a campervan and better fuel economy than a Class A vehicle, they can be a great choice. You’ll find most have diesel engines and can be less challenging to drive than a Class A motorhome.

Your preferred motorhome lifestyle and your finances will impact your rental decision. Having a memorable journey and keeping within your budget are possible. At Mighway we make it easy and more affordable to rent out a motorhome. See our tips on the average motorhome rental cost and enjoy your stay in New Zealand!