How Many People Can a Motorhome Sleep?

How Many People Can a Motorhome Sleep?

Written by Kimberly

If you plan to hire a motorhome while travelling in New Zealand, your choices range from campervans to large motorhomes up to 12 metres long. Knowing how many people a motorhome can sleep and the type of sleeping arrangements are an important part of planning your trip. Choosing a camper that sleeps 8 or 4 can be difficult, so here are some tips to help with your decision-making.

Decide Your Comfort Level

Most motorhomes sleep between two to six people. Having a relaxing, comfortable journey is important. Be realistic about your sleeping preferences.

For example, campervans are easy to drive and maneuver on New Zealand’s roads. However, your bedroom may be the van’s pop-up rooftop tent. Some travellers may find this a great adventure and others not so much, especially if your holiday lasts many weeks.

Likewise, travelling with friends can be fun, but close sleeping arrangements and a lack of space isn’t appealing to everyone.


Campervans typically sleep two with the bed in the back of the van. Luckily, there are campervans that sleep four. The second bed is usually the van’s pop-up roof tent or a tent designed specifically for use on top of the vehicle.

If you have a larger party, there are campers that sleep eight, though your choices are limited. Sleeping accommodations are usually a combination of the van bed and rooftop and outdoor tents. Make sure to inquire before renting.

Midsize Motorhomes

This group of motorhomes normally accommodate up to six people. Bed space is referred to as a berth, so a vehicle accommodating six travellers is called a “6 berth” motorhome, for example.

Since these motorhomes are built on truck chassis, one of the beds is above the vehicle’s cab. Other sleeping space often includes converting a lounge or dining area to a bedroom for the night. Though you may have to juggle space at bedtime, these motorhomes come equipped with kitchens, showers and toilets.

Large Motorhomes

Your choices for renting a large motorhome are limited. Most sleep up to six, but some accommodate as many as ten people. Driving one of these is like manoeuvring a large city bus and may require a special license, based on the weight of the vehicle. As with the midsize motorhomes, kitchens, showers and toilets are standard amenities.

New Zealand is an amazing place to visit. You should plan to sleep well and feel refreshed during your journey. Take time to choose a motorhome that best suits your travelling preferences.

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