Choosing a Motorhome Rental to Suit You

Choosing a Motorhome Rental to Suit You

Written by Kimberly

When you hire a motorhome in NZ, you have many choices with different amenities. When planning your adventure, take into consideration what type of motorhome will best suit you and those with whom you are travelling. Here are some of the options to consider.

Motorhome Size

In general, motorhomes and campervans accommodate between two to six people. Travelling alone or with one companion gives you the option of a smaller vehicle, such as a campervan. This provides greater fuel economy, but consider how much time you’ll be spending in your rental. Depending on your needs and holiday plans, you may want a roomier motorhome.

Bathroom Accommodations

Most likely, your choice will be guided by where you are staying. Obviously, campgrounds with bathroom and shower facilities reduce the need for a full bathroom in your motorhome. But if access to a toilet and shower is going to be a bit limited, you’ll want a nice, roomy bathroom on your journey. Be sure to check the size of the clean water storage tank for your showers, too.

Sleeping Quarters

Getting a good night’s rest while travelling is important, especially if you are driving. Be realistic about everyone’s sleep preferences and needs. For example, a motorhome with two double beds accommodating four people may not really provide adequate bed space. In that case, opting for a motorhome that sleeps six can be more ideal. On the other hand, maybe you are bringing along a tent and some in your party will be sleeping outside in the tent — or under the stars.

Kitchen Area

Once again, think about what best suits you. If you prefer a nice kitchen area with room to prepare and cook your meals, choose a motorhome rental that matches your needs. If you don’t plan on cooking or want to cook outdoors, a spacious kitchen isn’t necessary.

Solar Power

If you intend to freedom camp or otherwise be off the grid, having solar power and a self-contained motorhome are required. Many motorhome and campervan rentals have solar panels and are self-contained. Be sure to confirm this when renting.

Motorhome Transmission

In this regard, you definitely don’t want any surprises. In New Zealand, it’s not uncommon for a motorhome or campervan to have a manual transmission. If you are travelling from another country, you may be unaccustomed to driving a manual vehicle. This is not the time to learn. Make sure to review this detail when considering your motorhome rental options. And, don’t forget that New Zealand has plenty of hills so you may want to opt for an automatic anyway.

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