Destination: Taupo & Rotorua

Destination: Taupo & Rotorua

Written by mighway

Hiring a campervan in NZ is the only way to explore the country. And, if you are someone who loves the outdoors, hot water, beauty and adventure, then we have the perfect destinations for you. Hire a campervan and explore Rotorua and Taupo. These two hot spots are only a short drive from one another and you can easily spend a long weekend, a week, or more in here. There is so much to do and see!


Located on the northern shore of Lake Taupo, you can refer to this city as the town itself, the lake, or the surrounding region. The weather in this area is best in summer, but even then, it can get cold at night due to its high elevation, so be sure to come prepared.

However, the cool weather is a small price to pay for the innate beauty of Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand. Lake Taupo exists in the caldera of a volcano and was created by a super-eruption around 26,000 years ago. It was the largest eruption of any volcano in the past 70,000 years.

Taupo is very attractive to tourists as over two million people visit this area each year. Part of the reason for that is the large number of outdoor activities available. Orekai Korako thermal park features hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and caves to explore. Huka Falls is a glorious sight to see; a wide river enters a narrow canyon, creating an unusual and very powerful waterfall, unlike any other.

On the cliffs of Mine Bay in the northwest sector of the lake, visitors can take a boat to view impressive Maori cliff carvings. These were carved by artists in the 1970s to celebrate the indigenous people of New Zealand. Many tourists enjoy boating on the lake, hiking on area trails, visiting the Waipahhihi Botanical Gardens, and more.


Just over an hour away from Taupo is Rotorua to the north. Like Taupo, Rotorua is located on a lake. Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake in New Zealand and was also formed in the caldera of a volcano. This volcano has not erupted in 240,000 years. Because it is rather shallow, the lake often looks quite murky. Still, it is popular with people who enjoy fishing, but not really with boaters, or swimmers.

The Lake Rotorua area, like Lake Taupo, has many bubbling therapeutic mud baths and hot springs. There are even geysers nearby to view as well. Visitors also enjoy the Rotorua Gondola, which has a bird’s eye view of the lake and other surrounding. There are many Maori cultural exhibitions to view and enjoy in Rotorua too.

Visit Taupo & Rotorua

If you want a nice relaxing vacation filled with wildlife, geology, nature, and New Zealand culture, visit Taupo and Rotorua. It’s a great place to take your campervan here in New Zealand, and you will be amazed at all the wonderful things you will see and do in this region! If you love to enjoy the local culture, you should read about the top Kiwi foods to try on the road.