How To Keep Your Fuel Cost Down

How To Keep Your Fuel Cost Down

Written by Nicole

Motorhome Travel Tips

There are so many benefits to travelling in a motorhome. You can choose your location each day, and save money on public transport and accommodation. However, travelling around New Zealand can come at a cost and petrol prices continue to increase. So, we have put together some great travel tips to keep fuel costs to a minimum. That way, you can still rent the motorhome of your dream.

Limit Your Weight

We don’t mean watch what you eat while on the road but try and pack as little as possible. The heavier the load, the more effort your motorhome will have to put in. You only need to pack the essentials.

Don’t Overdo The Air-Con

We understand that you may like to use the air conditioning to cool down in the summer months, or to heat up during the winter, but try and keep this to a minimum. This is one of the better motorhome travel tips and if you avoid air conditioning altogether, you will save more money than you think. Crack the windows for some fresh air or wrap up warm.

Watch Your Speed

It’s important when you drive a motorhome, that you do it safely and you are conscious of your speed. Driving at a high speed can cost you more, and it doesn’t mean you will always arrive sooner. So, stick to the speed limit and be responsible. This will help you save fuel too.

Drive Like A Dream

It’s scary when you’re driving next to someone who is erratic. So, when you’re on the road make sure you drive smoothly. If you avoid heavy breaking, smooth acceleration and speeding around corners, then you will reduce your fuel consumption. It’s a win, win.

Maintain Your Campervan

Give your campervan a little love by washing her regularly, check your tyre pressure and remove any unnecessary items. This will help to reduce your petrol consumption. It may be hard to believe but these little efforts will help you save your dollars.

Don’t let the cost of fuel deter you from getting out on the road. A motorhome adventure is one of the best ways to see any country and it can be cheap too! If you follow these simple motorhome travel tips you could save yourself the big bucks and enjoy a road trip of a lifetime.