How to Travel Around NZ on a Budget

How to Travel Around NZ on a Budget

Written by mighway

New Zealand is home to a profuse amount of natural landscapes like glaciers, volcanoes, forests and beaches. There’s a lot to explore, but also a lot to pay for. But, it is all worth it, and we have figured out how to travel New Zealand on a budget. Take your dream vacation at an affordable cost by renting a caravan in New Zealand.

Caravan, New Zealand
New Zealand

Steps to Cut Costs

  1. Summer in New Zealand is the most popular and expensive time to visit, so visit in the Spring or Autumn to avoid the crowds and extra expenses.
  2. New Zealand consists of two islands that have a lot to offer. Pick one and make your itinerary based on everything that island includes.
  3. Travel expenses can be costly, so make the most of your rental caravan. Otherwise, if you’ve parked up in the perfect spot and don’t want to move, travel by bus during the day.
  4. A caravan is the perfect way to travel, not only for transportation but this is your overnight accommodation too! This will save you money on hotels and motels.
  5. New Zealand’s food costs can be higher than expected. Eating out can cost you three times as much as cooking. Consider getting food at a local supermarket instead of eating out. Pak’nSave is a great place to shop for discounted groceries.
  6. Experience New Zealand’s nature through hiking. A lot of the attractions can add up in cost, but hiking lets you see the country’s beautiful landscapes—for free. There are even some free hiking tours you can go on such as Welly Walks Limited or Auckland Free Walking Tour. Additionally, you can spend time in museums or at the many beaches to have a day of free relaxation.
  7. Be prepared by packing all the necessary items instead of buying them at stores.
  8. Look for discounts on activities. and Groupon are great discount sites.

Equivalent Exchange

New Zealand is an agricultural country, and there are opportunities to work on local farms in return for free accommodations and food through WWOOF.

Travel with friends! Hit the road with a group of friends and find a caravan to accommodate you all. This will help save you money with gas and accommodation too.

You can have a full New Zealand experience without breaking the bank. The best way to travel New Zealand on a budget is to put everything in one expense — with a caravan. You can combine travelling, accomodation and food costs through caravan rental in New Zealand.