Must Have Accessories for Your RV

Must Have Accessories for Your RV

Written by mighway

Do you love camping but hate being away from amenities such as sinks, beds, TVs, toilets, ovens, couches, air conditioning, clothes hangers, and showers? With campervans, you can get the best of both worlds. Motorhomes are amazing; however, when an entire house is reconfigured so that it can travel down the motorway at 100 km/h, some little conveniences are bound to end up left out. To make your experience as nice as possible, here are some must-have accessories to have with you before you go.

Waste Hose

One of the most important things to have with you, is a well made waste hose. Make sure that it’s about 15 feet and that it fits in the bumper of your motorhome. Also, get one that’s built tough. Your waste hose is not something you want to find a hole in.


Since few motorhomes come with their own hamper, you’ll have to bring your own unless you want to resort to leaving your old clothes all over the place. Space is limited in RVs, so you don’t need a big one. Just a little net bag which you can buy at Kmart for a couple of bucks will do the trick and save you a lot of stress during laundry time.

Small Vacuum

Between crumbs falling all over the place, dirty shoes walking around, and camping gear coming in and out, the floor of your caravan is going to get messy. The best way to clean up is with a small, hand-held vacuum. These are easy to store, strong and lightweight, which means you can clean the floors, carpets and even the couches, seats and beds.

¾ Drill Socket and Drill

This one is less obvious than some of the others, but it can really make your life easier. Raising and lowering the stabilizers stands for your travel trailer can be a nightmare. However, just buy a power drill and an caravan scissor jack adapter bit and you can finish a tiring and monotonous job in seconds.

Toilet Brush

Finally, make sure you have a toilet brush with you before you go. Motorhome toilet bowls are generally more shallow than regular toilets, and have less water in them, so keeping a brush with you is a good idea. If you can, get one that’s easy to clean and which comes with a cover.

RVs are able to accomplish an enormous amount. They’re fun, efficient and able to create memories that will last a lifetime. Just make sure to take some essential accessories before leaving and you’re ready for adventure.