10 Things You Really Need for Your RV Trip

10 Things You Really Need for Your RV Trip

Written by mighway

Road trips can be a lot of fun and can bring out your adventurous side. Spending a week or more in your RV is a wonderful way to explore the country and get away from the chaos of daily life. But preparing for your trip can be a little overwhelming. How do you determine the necessary items and how much you will need? Read our list of 10 important things to pack for your next RV trip.

1. Flashlights

A necessity for camping, as well as RVing, since you never know when you will need to be outside after dark. If you plan to take any hiking or biking excursions, it is also a good idea to take along flashlights or wear headlights. Be prepared for emergency situations.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

Having water bottles that can be refilled is useful for hikes, biking trips or when driving. Bringing filled water jugs is also smart in the event that issues arise with your water tanks.

3. Kitchen Items

If you are renting an RV, often times there are some kitchen utensils provided. However, you may wish to bring additional utensils and items such as sharp knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, mixing bowls and storage containers. This way it will be easier to cook your meals, ensuring that you have the basic necessities. You may wish to bring a small toaster and coffee pot as well but remember that storage can be limited.

4. Clothing That can be Layered

Bring clothing for the warm and cool weather, as you never know for sure what the temperature will be. Also make sure to bring warm jackets, practical shoes (such as running shoes and boots) and rain gear. It is best to be prepared for all types of weather.

5. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

As you will be outside for part of your trip, it is best to be prepared by having these two items available.

6. First Aid Kit

It is best to be prepared for any emergency, so have a first aid kit packed and stored in your RV at all times.

7. Linens

With some rentals, bedding and towels are provided. Still, you may need additional blankets and towels in case you choose to go swimming, or you do not have access to laundry facilities.

8. Soap

Dish soap and body wash are needed for RV trips. You may even wish to bring laundry detergent in case the camping facility offers a laundromat.

9. Camping Chairs

These will come in handy for the times that you wish to sit outside and enjoy your surroundings. Most RVs do not come equipped with portable chairs, so purchasing camping chairs would be a wise investment for RV trips.

10. Trash Bags

These are always useful to have on hand in your RV as you will always have garbage to dispose of.

Of course, there are additional things that you will need to pack, but these 10 items are a great start! We also have some great tips to help make RV cooking a breeze.