Top 5 Renovating Tips for Your RV

Top 5 Renovating Tips for Your RV

Written by mighway

It’s important to take care of your RV and give it as much love as possible. Renovating your RV will not only make RVing more enjoyable for you, but it will increase your RVs value. It will also help to save you money in the long run. You may not spend as much time in your RV as you do in your house or car, but once you’re finished, you’ll see that it was worth it. Here are five tips for renovating your RV.

Prep Your RV

The first thing you’re going to need to do is prep your RV for painting. This means going around your RVs exterior and scraping off any peeling paint and dirt attached to the sides, as well as all bumper stickers and cover plates. Put paint tape around the window and any other places which you don’t want to get paint and apply two coats of primer.

Paint it

Once you’re done prepping, it’s time to paint. Pick whatever color you prefer and get started. Once you’re done, make sure to add two coats of clear paint so that the paint lasts, and your RV looks polished.

Redo the Floors

After the outside of your RV is painted over, it’s a good idea to redo the floors as well. Many RVs, especially older models, have carpeted floors. This can make cleaning up difficult, as vacuums can be hard to maneuver in small RVs. Vinyl flooring is a better option. Just remove the carpeting, vacuum underneath and lay down the new tile. Make sure to measure everything properly, so it all fits before you begin.

Interior Design

Now for the smaller, more general details that will make a big difference. If you want, you can change the curtains, get new cabinets, remove the dinette, reupholster the furniture, etc. It’s up to you. Get creative and make it a place you’ll want to stay in.

Upgrade Appliances

Finally, finish the renovation by replacing any outdated appliances or buying whichever ones you think your RV needs. There are many compact appliances that can easily fit inside RVs and make your life a lot easier, such as compact refrigerators, compact dishwashers and even compact washing machines. It may be costly but having the right appliances during your RV outings is important for a great experience.

Renovating your RV can take a while, and you may have to spend a not-so-small amount of money. However, once you see your RV looking even better than it did when you first bought it, it’s sure to rekindle your enthusiasm for RVs more than you can imagine.