Five Things to Make RV Cooking a Breeze

Five Things to Make RV Cooking a Breeze

Written by mighway

Cooking in an RV is fun, but it can also be challenging. Often there is limited space for equipment and even less space to prepare your meals. Useful kitchen accessories can go a long way and can make things much easier for you. It’s amazing what a few good tools can do for a traveling chef. If you stock your mobile kitchen with things that are easy to use, clean, and store, you can flawlessly create impressive meals with little effort on your part.

The following five items should be staples in any RV kitchen. With these RV accessories and kitchen gadgets, you’ll be cooking like a gourmet chef in no time, and will still have plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet may seem heavy and cumbersome, but it is a vital part of any kitchen – especially a kitchen in an RV. Not only is it easy to clean, it heats evenly and rapidly. Any food cooked on a cast iron skilled comes out tasting nothing short of spectacular. Furthermore, it can be used on the stovetop inside your RV, or in its natural habitat over the fire. You can also move it from one to the other with ease when you want.

French Press

There’s nothing like a good cup of joe in the morning while camping, and there’s no better way to make coffee than with a French press. Just fill it with boiling water, add some of your favorite ground coffee, and plunge it. In no time you will have fresh, hot, tasty coffee to sip while you take in the glorious morning view outside. Best of all, no electricity is needed.

Instant Pot

This kitchen gadget has taken the world by storm. You may be thinking that an instant pot is far too large for an RV, but you’re wrong. The company’s smallest offering is just three quarts, and while it may take up some space in your RV cabinets, it’s worth its weight in gold. There are countless instant pot recipes online so you will never run out of ideas. You can make rice in almost an instant, as well as soups, sauces, stews, roasts, pulled pork, and many other things for you and your family to enjoy.  It’s also easy to clean, which is always a bonus.

Magnetic Spice Rack

One thing so many people forget when camping is spices. As you surely know, herbs and spices can make or break a dish or even an entire meal. In order to keep these tasty additions close at hand in your RV, make a small investment in a magnetic, wall-mountable spice rack. Your taste buds will be very thankful.

Mason Jars

There are so many uses for this cool camping accessory and they come in a wide variety of sizes. You can use them as your everyday glassware for drinking, and they also offer a great storage solution for leftovers as well as both wet and dry ingredients. Mason Jars are also great for easily mixing salad dressings, sauces, side dishes, and desserts. You will use them over and over again; they are durable, and easy to clean, too.

Whether you have been RVing for years or are just starting out, make sure these five kitchen gadgets are a part of your RV kitchen. They are all very useful and will make things easier for you. You will have more time to fish, hike, boat, or simply just relax around the campfire after enjoy a great meal you crafted yourself. It is always best to be prepared while RVing, so make sure you read about great snacks to have while on the road.