5 High Tech Gadgets for Your RV

5 High Tech Gadgets for Your RV

Written by Kimberly

As you look to upgrade your RV, don’t forget to add things that can make your RV experience that much more enjoyable. We have provided you with a list of high tech camping gear and gadgets to assist you on your travels.

Many of these high tech gadgets will connect to your phone or tablet, and soon you will be able to set up, monitor and access things much quicker than normal. These gadgets will help to take any guess work out of the equation and get you on the road quicker! Safety is also an important factor to consider when driving an RV.

Propane Tank Monitor

There’s nothing worse than your RV running out of propane while you are on a camping trip, so make sure that you invest in a propane tank monitor. This great gadget will work with your phone. You will be able to monitor the propane tank for your RV and measure the amount of propane your RV has. It will work for both single and multiple tanks.

RV Leveling Monitor

Leveling your RV can take a lot of time and now it has become easier with the help of another RV tech gadget, the RV leveling monitor. This monitor also works with your phone to help you level your RV on the first try.

Internet Extender

The internet extender will allow you to stay connected to the internet from a long distance. This is great when you are camping in a more secluded area, or on the other side of the campgrounds. It will also help to stabilize your internet connection.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

We have all been in a place where your cell phone signal is pretty much non-existent and when camping in the woods you can always expect little or no signal. But, a cell phone signal booster can help correct your signal issues while traveling in your RV. This RV high tech gadget can take away the worry of not having a signal if you need to make an urgent call.

Tire Pressure Monitor

When your tire pressure is low, your vehicle will use more gas. Imagine how much gas you can save if the tires on your RV are properly inflated. It’s important to monitor your RV’s tire pressure. This high tech toy will also connect to your phone to provide you with an accurate pressure of your RV tires. Make sure that if your tire pressure is getting too low, you check for possible punctures.

These high tech RV gadgets will help you in your RV travels. It always makes a difference when you’re prepared and when you plan your journey.