How to Earn a Living on the Road

How to Earn a Living on the Road

Written by Kimberly

Whether you’ve purchased your own RV or are thinking about a long term rental from Mighway, the next question is how to make money while Rving. Surprisingly, earning an income on the road is easy. There are plenty of jobs for RV travelers. You just have to know where to look and be a little creative and entrepreneurial. Keep reading to discover how to make a living while on the road.

Work at a National Park

Many U.S. national parks hire workers for temporary or seasonal jobs. Imagine working at a beautiful national park! There are many different jobs available and they are typically seasonal for either the summer or winter months. Imagine waking up in a national park, and making money while you’re at it! Here’s how to apply.

Harvesting and Seasonal Work

There are many opportunities for seasonal positions such as harvesting, farm work, campgrounds, tour guides, activity directors, RV park assistants, and gardeners. These positions are a great way to make money while Rving and can often include meals. You have the flexibility to explore the area where you are currently working, but you also have the ability to move on once the season is over.

Get Digital

All you need is your computer, WiFi and a little bit of creativity to get started. Become a freelance writer, proofreader or blogger. There are so many opportunities out there for freelance writing now that more businesses are moving online. Plus, bloggers often hire freelance writers to help with content, so you could end up writing about a topic you’re really passionate about . . . like RV living!

But don’t limit yourself when working virtually. Many businesses are in need of talent on a temporary basis. From administrative services to sales & marketing, accounting and everything in between. Check out this top freelancing website.

Offer Tutoring Services

Whatever your expertise or strength – math, science, a foreign language, etc., you might want to offer up your services if you decide to stay in one place for awhile. Post an ad on Craigslist or contact schools in the local area where you are staying. It’s that easy . . . and tutors can make up to $100 per hour depending on the metropolitan area.

Entrepreneurial Businesses 

What better way to start making money than to begin your own business? Although it may be difficult when first starting out, there is always the potential for growth and prosperity. There are so many unique and creative ways to start a business on the road. Do you like crafting? Consider selling your crafts as you travel to different craft fairs. Do you like cooking? Perhaps create a food truck. The possibilities are endless! Also consider creating a billboard with your business’ information for your RV as a way to advertise.


Find others who are in a similar position and trying to make money while on the road. They can be a great source of encouragement as well as a resource for ideas. It is also a great way to make connections. It may be a great way to find your next job! 

It can be a daunting task to take to the road while trying to stay financially afloat. Yet, with the right amount of networking and planning your journey, you can make your dream happen! Don’t just wonder, make it happen.