7 Pacific Coast Must See Places

7 Pacific Coast Must See Places

Written by mighway

When you’re traveling all over the country in your RV it can be difficult to plan ahead. We want to share some of our top destinations with you for when you travel the Pacific Coast. Here are 7 of our must see places.

Muir Woods – San Francisco

Just north of San Francisco you will find Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods has some of the oldest and tallest redwood trees in the world. You can spend your day surrounded by trees that tower above, and that are aged more than 1,000 years old.

For those of you that love to hike, you can explore the countless paved hiking paths that wind throughout the woods. A full day here is needed to ensure that you discover all the beauty of the park.

Half Moon Bay – San Francisco

About an hour and a half south of San Francisco, you will find the small beach town of Half Moon Bay. Known as one of San Mateo’s oldest settlements, Half Moon Bay preserves the Spanish influence. Here you can explore the bluffs, or ride a bike along the coastline.

Big Sur – San Francisco

Known for its rugged stretch of coast and winding turns, Big Sur is the place to visit. Not only does it offer incredible views, but you can witness some of natures great wildlife. Big Sur is also home to some of North America’s largest birds, as well as whales and sea otters. You won’t be short on adventure when visiting Big Sur.

Hearst Castle – San Simeon

Hearst Castle is located between San Francisco and San Diego. This national historical landmark will transport you back in time to the days of ancient Greece. The buildings and statues that surround the main pool are just like those found in Greek mythology.

Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara

This city is a reflection of its Spanish heritage. It is the perfect destination if you’re looking to relax, unwind and indulge in some great wine! Spend your time exploring Santa Barbara, and enjoy the local food and wine, or you could even attend a wine festival!

Venice Beach

Venice Beach offers a little bit of something for everyone. There is so much to do and see here. You can join in on the activities from; working-out on the beach, to rollerblading, skateboarding and street basketball. For those that are seeking leisure, you can simply browse the boutiques and shops.

Dana Point Harbor

If wildlife is an area of interest, you will definitely want to stop at Dana Point. Known as the whale watching capital of the west, you can experience the ocean’s creatures in their natural habitat.

There are so many benefits to traveling in an RV. It allows you to have freedom with your travel and explore all the great sights of the world.

Sometimes it can be beneficial to plan your journey ahead of time too. Make sure you see our top 20 RV parks in California to help you with your travels.