How to Spend a Weekend in Los Angeles

How to Spend a Weekend in Los Angeles

Written by mighway

One of the most iconic locations anywhere in the world is the ‘City of Angels’. It is one town you don’t want to miss. Even if you only have two days to spend in this city, you can still have more fun in Los Angeles in a single weekend than you can have in many other places in an entire week. We’ve put together a list of fun things to do in LA, whether you’re a bike rider, shopper, adventurer, culture hunter or foodie, there’s no doubt that there is something for you to enjoy in LA.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is a tourist attraction which is crowded year round, and for good reason too as nearly every square inch of it is packed with some form of excitement. With its massive ferris wheel overlooking the Pacific Ocean, plus arcades, pubs, shops, restaurants, trapeze schools and an aquarium, this is not like any other pier you’ll ever walk across. A family of thrill seekers will have no problem occupying themselves for hours in this world famous spot.    

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For men and women in the City of Angels with refined taste (or who like to think of themselves as refined), there is the astounding Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This museum features exhibits from prehistoric times to pieces from some of the most current names in art. Some of its most well known displays include the Rain Room, a room-wide shower with motion sensors which allow you to walk through the entire exhibit completely dry, and the prominent Urban Lights display.

Venice Beach

If you want to stay away from the more ‘touristy’ areas of LA and see where authentic Californians spend time, there’s no better spot than Venice Beach. Everyone in Los Angeles goes there, from wealthy entrepreneurs, to young artists and street performers, to beachcombers with beards and tie dyed t-shirts. With such a diverse cast of characters, Venice Beach is perfect for people watchers and explorers.    

Griffith Observatory

Housing the world’s most frequented telescope, the Griffith Observatory offers one of the best views of Los angeles. Providing a clear sightline to the Hollywood sign, as well as overlooking an entire sprawling city for you to gaze at, this establishment also contains a number of astronomy and space related exhibits, making it double as a great science museum as well.

Once you’re in Los Angeles, you probably won’t want to leave; however, even if you only have a few days to spend in this great city, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. So, pack for your dream road trip and head to LA.