The Class B Motorhome – Is It Right for You?

The Class B Motorhome – Is It Right for You?

Written by Kimberly

When it comes to motorhomes, there are many different size options as well as amenities offered. Some can be towed, some drive much like a van or a truck. How do you decipher the difference between the different classes of motorhomes? And how do you discern what kind of motorhome is right for your RV adventures? Keep reading to discover more about Class B motorhome rentals and learn if they’re the right RV for you!

What is the Class B Motorhome?

Built using automotive manufactured van or panel-truck shells, it is sized like an oversized van. This motorhome, often called a campervan, is the smallest scale of RVs available. The layout can contain a kitchen with a dining table, living room, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations for up to four, though some will have sleeping space for just two, and a much smaller living space. Check out some examples here by filtering to Vehicle Type B, or view a smaller van, and a larger van. Typically, you are able to fully stand in all areas as most campervans have raised roofs. Some storage is also available. 

What are the Pros of the Class B?

Generally, these RVs are the least expensive to rent as they are the smallest option. Also due to their small size, they are the easiest to drive as it is much like driving a van. As it is easy to maneuver into parking spots, this will be the best option to take to a camping resort. If you need to travel locally from your campsite, it is simple to take your campervan to different locations, rather than having to tow another vehicle. The Class B motorhome also offers the best fuel efficiency, saving you money.

What are the Cons of the Class B?

As it is the smallest option of RVs, the layout of the campervan is somewhat cramped. For instance, the toilet and the shower are combined into one space, known as a wet-bath. Storage is also limited. Fewer amenities are offered due to its size. While it is a great option for couples or small families, the campervan is not ideal for those who have larger families.

What are Some Options?

Trailblazer Dodge Caravan LAS

Available in Las Vegas, Nevada, this campervan sleeps five and offers a kitchen with a five gallon sink, two gas stoves and a mini fridge. Priced at $250 a night, this could be a great option for your next getaway!


If you’re looking for a campervan near Costa Mesa, California, this could be the RV for you! With two beds, refrigerator, sink, potable water tank, stove, propane heat and A/C. this is offers plenty of amenities for an RV trip.

Chinook RV

This RV is 24 feet long and has eight foot ceilings, offering a more roomy interior. Accommodations are available for up to four people.

If you’re convinced that the Class B motorhome is right for you, be sure to check out more campervans available to rent through