Quick Maintenance Tips to Avoid Repairing Your RV Refrigerator

Quick Maintenance Tips to Avoid Repairing Your RV Refrigerator

Written by Kimberly

Your standards for your RV’s appliances shouldn’t be any lower than your standards for the ones in your home. In both areas you want your appliances to work efficiently for as long as possible; and if there’s one item in your RV that you don’t want breaking down prematurely, it’s the refrigerator. Especially if you’re out camping or on a road trip, not having a working fridge to keep your food fresh can be a major issue. Here are some ways to keep your keep your RV fridge from malfunctioning and save yourself from needing to pay for expensive refrigerator repairs in the foreseeable future.

Invest in a Muffin Fan

Most refrigerators already have a muffin fan; however, RV fridges don’t so it’s important to install one yourself in a timely matter. Muffin fans are fans inside refrigerators which circulate cold air, keeping the temperature consistent, and preventing the machinery from having to overwork. Once you buy one, you can hook it up using the same wires used for the lights. You may need to look up a video tutorial on the internet, but you can do it yourself, and once it’s running, it will greatly boost your refrigerators performance.

It’s not absolutely necessary, but while you’re at it, you could get an extra muffin fan for the condenser coil. This is a little more complicated, as you’ll have to get into the back by removing the vent cover and place the fan so that it blows over the coil, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Replace the Gasket Seal

You know that magnetic rubber strip that runs around the perimeter of your refrigerator door and keeps it shut. That’s called a gasket seal. Now you know what to ask for when buying a new one, and if your gasket seal is worn, broken, or doesn’t close properly, you should if you want your fridge to last. Just remove the old seal with a pair of pliers and push the new one into the groove the old one left behind. Then, make sure it’s airtight when it closes, and you’re done.

Park Levelly and Out of the Sun

Finally, when you park your RV, try to park in as flat a spot as possible and away from direct sunlight to keep your refrigerator working right. RV fridges use gravity fed chemicals to cool the food and if the RV is tilted, the processor may continue to run even though the chemicals have stopped flowing, quickly damaging your fridge and creating a potential fire hazard. Meanwhile, if the sun is beating down on your fridges vent, it could overheat. Try to keep the side of the RV with the vent facing away from the sun and use leveling blocks to keep it flat.

RV’s are great for providing you with all the comforts of home, anywhere you want to go, but if some of its appliances, like it’s refrigerator, aren’t working right, the RV experience will suffer for it. Fortunately there are easy ways to keep it running for years to come.

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