Top 4 Storage Hacks for Your RV

Top 4 Storage Hacks for Your RV

Written by mighway

Taking RV trips and vacations with your family can make for some of the best memories of your lives together. Cruising down the open road, leaving worldly stresses behind, on the way to a beautiful destination is one of the best ways that you and the entire family can wind down and relax.

The biggest downside to traveling in an RV, for any substantial period of time with several people, is that space can come at a premium. After a few days on the road, it can easily feel like you and your family are packed tightly into a box on wheels, with very little wiggle room.

To help you save some time, space, and some of the headaches that come with traveling in an RV, here are our top five RV storage ideas.

1) Make Your Own Shower Caddy

If you are used to having multiple bathrooms in your house, packing an entire family’s things in one bathroom can look and feel like a disaster.

One of the best ways that you can save space in the bathroom is by getting a little crafty with your RV storage ideas, and creating your own shower caddy.

Are you familiar with the mesh shoe storage sleeves that you typically hang on the inside of your closet doors? Over-the-door storage containers are perfect for hanging over the inside of your shower rod. They are excellent for storing your soaps, shampoos, and other cleaning products.

2) Create more Counter Space with a Stove Top Cover

Another place that you can lose space quickly is in the kitchen. We highly recommend getting yourself a stove top cover so that you can extend your counter space. These are great for creating additional kitchen space during meals, after meals, or anytime during the day.

3) Suspend Your Wastebasket

You probably get the impression that there are a lot of ways that you can create space by suspending storage devices anywhere that you can. Another great way to employ that method is by hanging your wastebaskets or trash cans on the inside of your cabinets.

4) Use Mesh Storage Boxes to Create More Closet Space

Creating or preserving closet space is another great way that you keep your walking and living space clear. We highly recommend getting a couple of sets of mesh storage containers or a hanging mesh storage system that you can put in your closets to help expand and organize your existing storage space.

These are some of favourite RV Living, Storage, and Organization hacks, and they’re a great basis for more storage ideas – get things off surfaces and into hanging storage, and keep an eye out for ways to multitask items!