Kids and RV Living – What to Expect?

Kids and RV Living – What to Expect?

Written by Kimberly

You want to create great memories and experiences for your kid, help them see the country and experience the outdoors. So you and your family will travel the country and live in your RV. Family vacations are one thing, but living full-time in your RV requires some adjustments from everyone.

Kid Friendly RV Parks

When you are planning your next stop, you need to consider what the RV Park offers the kids. You will want to look for the parks that have activities that are kid friendly. You will want to look for parks that have playgrounds, pools, hiking trails, basketball courts and activity centers. These extracurricular activities will keep the kids busy and burn up some energy. You will want to keep them as active as possible once you reach the park – after all, the long drives between stops does not allow the kids to run and play. Here are some extra tips on planning your RV journey.

New Challenges

Living in close quarters can at times cause you to get on each other’s nerves quickly. When tensions start to rise, you need to address the situation quickly because if you do not, things can get really bad fast. But one good thing about living in a smaller area is you learn what buttons not to push. When you are together all the time, you understand the limits and when you need to find your own space. For example, you may go to a corner and listen to music or read a book to relax you and take your mind off of the situation.

No More Privacy

When you are with each other 24/7 and in a small space, you do not have any privacy. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing all the time. You need to realize before you start living in your RV that you will no longer have a place that is only yours. You share everything all the time.

Travel Days

On the days you are driving, you need to make sure to keep the kids busy. Some activities to keep them busy include watching movies, playing games on portable gaming systems, coloring or board games. You will not only want to plan activities but snacks too. If you have readymade snacks that the kids can get too when they want will allow you to focus on driving and getting to the next stop. Get more tips on what you need to pack.

Remember when you and your family are living in your RV and traveling around the country, enjoy your time together and the experiences. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime!