5 Steps to Planning Your Motorhome Journey

5 Steps to Planning Your Motorhome Journey
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

If you have planned a road trip in a motorhome before, you may already realise how much goes into the decision making process. Forgetting one important piece of putting your trip together could make the difference between one of the most memorable campervan trips of all time, and the trip that didn’t happen at all or was ruined. Luckily, you can use the five steps below to make sure that your next trip goes off without a hitch!

1) Plan Your Destination

The first important step in the trip planning process is choosing your destination. There is a good chance that you already have a great idea of where you want to go, but if you don’t, you are going to need to make sure that you do some research and due diligence about the destination that you are going to be visiting. This is everything from the city, town or park that you are going to be visiting down to the campsite that you are going to be staying at. Make sure that you book ahead in plenty of time and that your campground has all of the amenities and utilities that you need.

2) Plan Your Route

Planning your route is equally as important as planning your destination. Look ahead on a map or online to see what kinds of roads, motorways, and gravel tracks you are going to be on to make sure that you don’t get stuck somewhere that you cannot get out of. Depending on where you are traveling, you may want to pay very close attention to the weather forecast of where you are traveling to, along with the weather and the road conditions of the route along the way. A little bit of preparation will prevent your journey being interrupted!

3) Plan Activities and Excursions

One of the best parts of taking a motorhome trip is the excursions that you will take after you get to your destination. Make sure that you plan some fun outdoor activities around your area based on the location. You may also want to plan some indoor ones too in case the weather would take a turn.

4) Pack Appropriately

The weather and seasonality are going to have a lot to do with what you are going to be tracking on your trip. This is going to include everything from shoes and clothes to outdoor and indoor games and activities. You may want to consider what foods you are going to be bringing as well. Check out our packing list for tips!

5) Disconnect

With how pervasive technology is today, it can be difficult to disconnect even when you are on vacation. Make sure that you take time to disconnect and enjoy the fun new environment that is around you.

By taking a little extra time to focus on trip planning before you head out, you’ll soon find that your motorhome journey feels that much easier, and that much more enjoyable!