Best Waterfront RV Campgrounds in Florida

Best Waterfront RV Campgrounds in Florida

Written by mighway

Each year tens of thousands of RVers journey to Florida looking to take advantage of the wonderful waterfront weather. Because of the pleasant year-round weather and the vast amount of waterfront accessibility, the state has some of the best RV parks in the country. If you are planning to take a trip to the sunshine state soon here are our top suggestions of waterfront RV parks in Florida to choose from.

Cape Canaveral Jetty Park Campground

The scenic Jetty Park Campground has some of the best weather in the nation. This scenic site offers many one-of-a-kind RV experiences to visitors. Chief among them is the beautiful view of the Rockets that are launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. Additionally, visitors will have the pleasure of taking in the sites of arriving and departing Cruise ships or submarines.

The Jetty also sees several marine and wildlife regularly. But if you plan on visiting during a rocket launch date be sure to check ahead as space fills up fast and often well in advance.

Jacksonville, Little Talbot State Park

Little Talbot State Park is located in northeast Florida. Talbot State Park is split between big Talbot and Little Talbot with Big Talbot to the north. The site has an RV park along the salt marsh and the Atlantic Ocean is only a short walk away, so it’s great spot for waterfront camping in Florida.

While you’re at the State Park, be on the lookout for the wide number of native wildlife species that call the park home as well. It is not uncommon for visitors to see bobcats, river otters, or marsh rabbits, as well as several bird species.

There is more to do at Little Talbot than sightsee as well. The park has several hiking trails. And is a prime surfing and kayaking location. If you love to fish, there is plenty of opportunity to tidal or inland fish here as well.

Orlando/Kissimmee KOA

This KOA is all about location, location, location. Not only is it a beautiful site for beach camping in Florida, it also makes a great base camp and more affordable choice for RVers who want to take in attractions like, Sea World, Legoland and Disney World, and Universal Studios. While it does have a waterfront view, it is a scenic one and not one that you can take a swim in. Still, this park deserves an honorable mention by way of location alone. It’s also a great place for a road trip!

Florida really is unbeatable for beach and waterfront camping, with over 1,300 miles of beautiful coastline. The best way to see it is in your own private RV rental from Mighway! If you’re planning to travel south, check out our favourite places in South Florida!