How to Meet Other RV Enthusiasts On the Road

How to Meet Other RV Enthusiasts On the Road
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

Whether you’re going to become a full-time RVer or just want to spend some time exploring the USA, you may be wondering how to find new friends and fellow RV enthusiasts who share your passion for life on the road.

Unless you’re a total introvert, you might like to meet up with other RV travelers who are like minded. Here are a few ways to help you build your own RV tribe on the road.

Before You Go


This might come as a surprise, but networking isn’t just for finding a job. Think about using your current network of friends, family, and business contacts to connect with other RVers who enjoy adventure on the road.

With the help of social media networking has never been easier. Use your multiple sources for networking such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Through your own network you’re likely to discover current friends or friends of friends who are also in love with the RV lifestyle.

RV Membership Clubs and Communities

There are many RV clubs and communities you can join and meet up with while on the road.

The Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest, largest and most loved RV enthusisasts organizations in the world. They provide a total support network for all RVers, regardless of their travel style, type of RV, or experience level.

Xscapers is a community within Escapees RV Club with the passion for an active and free-spirited life of travel and adventure. Your community on the road.

Connect with other RVers wherever you are with RVillage. In keeping up with technology, you can join and download their mobile app with a real time map feature to find fellow RVers along your route. The road never needs to be lonely again.

Meetup is also a great resource for connecting with other RVers. Here you can meet other local RV enthusiasts to talk about routes, destinations, and roadside diversions. Or meet RV technicians in the field and discuss the various issues that can arise.


Not only can you find RV friends through your own network of Facebook friends but you can also join a multitude of Facebook RVing Groups. Some groups form clubs that get together once or more during the year at rallies and it’s a great way to meet new friends online and on the road.

Here are a few to consider: RV to Freedom, Full-Time RVers and Boondocking & Free Camping USA. The list is endless and the world is your oyster.


Yes, even Instagram! It’s pretty simple. Set your account to Public and start adding photos. The better the photos and the prettier they are, the more likely you are to have followers. Write a little something about the photo and do or don’t add a filter. ​Photos with no stories are not as appealing.

Remember to include relevant hashtags such as #RVLifestyle, #RVLiving, #Travel, #RVing, etc. so that RV enthusiasts can find you. In addition, add your location so that fellow RVers can follow your adventures on the road.

While You’re There:


While you’re out on the road, it’s really just as easy as taking the time to chat with some locals. If you find yourself enjoying a specific park or stop along the way, talk to the people who work there. Let them know if you’re planning another trip or if you intend to be a regular visitor. They’ll remember you and start to look for you when you pull in. After a while, you can be sure that your favorite diner will know what you want when you walk in the door, and you’ll be greeted with a friendly hello.

At the Campground

RV enthusiasts are a special breed of vacationers. There’s always going to be RV travelers who are just pulling in for the night, but you’ll quickly find that you’re seeing the same people repeatedly. It’s great to have friendship at the campground, so try these tricks to make your campground neighbors welcoming friends:

Bring an extra fishing pole: if your site allows fishing and you enjoy the hobby, bring an extra pole to invite a fellow camper in recreation.

Grill it up: it doesn’t have to be a fancy occasion, but if you fire up the grill, consider making extra and inviting a camper to join you for dinner.

Wave and say hello: if you’re new to the camp, chances are there are some RV travelers who have been visiting the spot for years. Stop and say hello. Most people want to know who they’re sharing camp space with, and they just might share some hidden facts about your spot you were unaware of.

Participate in the onsite RV Communities: Mind the rules of the campground and be a respectful camper. If the host site offers a library, movie night or any other perk, bring books to exchange or movies that you can contribute.

What are you waiting for? Let Mighway help you begin your RV lifestyle and make new RV friends along the way. With luck and a little effort, you’ll be seeing friendly, familiar faces at your stops before you know it. Let the journey unfold!