5 RV Accessories Every Owner Needs

5 RV Accessories Every Owner Needs

Written by mighway

A big part of the joy of RV living is the challenge of preparing and packing. And, no matter where you are on your RV journey, there is always room for improvement when it comes to organization. There is only so much room in an RV, so you have to make the very best of every square inch. Here are five RV accessories that can help every RV owner organize their space:

Dangling jars

Hanging storage is an essential for RV accessory since surface space is so limited. Dangling jars are an attractive and easy way to store small items. Gather some clear jars and mount the lids into the underside of cabinets, to the ceiling or any other surface that the jars can hang under. Fill your jars and screw into the mounted lids.

Wall mounted magnetic strip for knives

Drawer space is limited in RV living, if it exists at all, so store your knives and other metal utensils vertically. Install a strong magnetic strip onto the wall in your kitchen area. Knives simply stick to the magnetic strip for visible and easy storage.

Ceiling mounted paper plate dispenser

Who doesn’t love paper plates? Perfect for grilling out-just throw them in the fire after-or for when you don’t feel like washing dishes. But you can’t just leave the pack of paper plates on the counter in an RV. One of the best RV accessories is a paper plate dispenser, mounted on the underside of a cabinet or on the ceiling for a simple way to make sure paper plates are always available.

Plate cradle

Vertical storage is the key to keeping your RV living organized and functional. Instead of stacking your plates in a cabinet or drawer, use a plate cradle to store them vertically. You can tuck the plate cradle away or leave it out in your kitchen area. The result is a neatly organized spot for your dishes that makes the most of your space.

Hanging pantry or wardrobe

Hanging storage is the best RV accessory to create more space. You can use adhesive hooks for a semi-permanent way to create a hanging pantry. Hang cloth organizers anywhere you need to keep essential items like clothes, towels, food or cooking supplies. You can easily unhook the organizers and sit them on the floor if you are worried about them moving too much during travel. Better yet, buy organizers that zip up to keep all the contents right where they should be.

These five simple RV accessories will help you keep your RV organized, so you can focus on the important things when you’re on the road – seeing the sights and having fun! For some tips on what to pack into your well-organized RV, check out our RV packing list!