Start Your Next RV Trip in Houston!

Start Your Next RV Trip in Houston!
Rachel Simpson

Written by Rachel Simpson

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road for a long vacation. This country has so many amazing places to visit that there’s virtually no end to the places you can go. In this edition, we’re going to talk about where to go and what to do in south and west Texas. With a convenient Mighway RV rental in Houston, you can pick up your RV and be on the open road in a matter of minutes.

As you know, the Lone Star State is huge and full of wonders — and this means that any direction you go, you’re bound to find interesting places to visit. But, if you’re the sort who likes to have an idea of where to go and what to do, we offer this handy guide. We’re going to talk about what to do should you find yourselves ready to explore Texas on a three, five or even a seven-day trip. So, get your bags packed and let’s head out!

Head South for a Three-Day Trip

If you find yourselves with only three days — the equivalent of a long weekend, basically — never fear: there’s still plenty to see and do. Because of Texas’ immense size, however, it does mean that some of the more distant destinations might be out of reach, assuming you actually want to enjoy yourself once you get there, rather than just turning around and heading back! In this case, it’s best to head south. Houston is located relatively close to the Gulf Coast, and is full of great things to do. As you head south towards the Gulf Coast you will pass many coastal towns with convenient RV camping.

However, if you head about three and a half hours south of Houston, you’ll find the beautiful coastal town of Corpus Christi. There are plenty of great RV spots in this area, but we recommend the Surfside RV & Resort. Located coast-side in Port Aransas, this spot offers the best of both worlds. As an ocean-front resort, you get the beauty of the Gulf Coast, and all of its splendor. Located only 20 miles from Corpus Christi, you have a convenient built-in destination that boasts shopping, restaurants and everything else you can expect from a popular vacation destination. Your weekend will fly by!

Then, Head West to Make it Five Days

The Gulf Coast is an excellent stop for a quick weekend getaway. However, if you have five days to spare, you can add even more great destinations to your trip. For the next leg, we suggest heading west towards the Texas Hill Country region. This is located in the southern central part of the state and features rolling hills that jut up above the rest of the landscape. Combined with the rivers that run through the region, you have plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy.

A good destination to head to in this area is the Parksview Riverside RV park near Concan. This is a popular destination because the RV park is known for being situated in a beautiful area with plenty of gorgeous scenery.

Plus, if you’re up for a slight drive, you’re only an hour and a half away from San Antonio, which is definitely a must-do for just about any Texas visitor. There’s so much to see and do in this one city that you could easily spend all five days here and still have barely scratched the surface!

Go Even Further and Make it Seven Days

If you are looking at a seven-day excursion, then you have one final destination to head towards. After spending time on the Gulf Coast and the Hill Country, continue heading southwest until you hit Big Bend National Park. This out-of-the-way park is worth the drive, if you have the time. Located in the desolate country straddling the border between Texas and Mexico, this rugged landscape offers wildlife and landscape viewing that simply cannot be found anywhere else. And, if you’re an amateur astronomer, Big Bend boasts some of the darkest skies that can be found anywhere in North America.

Your best bet for camping in this area is the Rio Grande Village Campground. This spot, located on the Rio Grande River, is one of the few RV resorts in the area that boast full hookups, so you definitely want to take full advantage of that. It’s actually about an hour away from the park entrance, but in an area as desolate as this, you have to expect there are going to be some long stretches between your various destinations.

If you’re able to make it this far, keep in mind also that you’re now about nine hours away from Houston, so be ready for a long (but interesting) drive back when your week is done!

We hope that we’ve whetted your appetite for adventure and travel. If you find yourself heading towards Texas, keep these and other spots around the area in mind as you begin planning your trips. As always, renting your RV through is the easiest way to make your dreams a reality. Rent your RV today!